We know the best questions are often your questions because it's what YOU want to know! Nothing is too big or too small so just ask Pat. He'll get the answer because what you're wondering is no doubt a good question.
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Good Question: Should Lyme disease tests be improved?

Good Question: Should Lyme disease tests be improved?

Good Question: Can your insurance card impact your credit?

Good Question: Can your insurance card impact your credit?

Good Question: Unattended Child - When Can a Parent be Charged?

Good Question: Highway Lane Closure - Are you a Budger?

Good Question: What's with the names on RTS Buses?

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Good Question: Are Other Area Lakes Flooding Too?

We've seen devastating flooding along Lake Ontario, but are other area lakes, which have had the same rainfall amounts, flooding as well?

Good Question: Erie Canal Comeback? Don't Bet On It

Did the Genesee Brewery in Rochester spark an Erie Canal comeback? 

Good Question: Why isn't a Local Dam Preventing Flooding?

Several viewers asked Pat Taney if the Mt. Morris Dam is doing enough to prevent flooding along Lake Ontario for this week's Good Question segment...

Good Question: 5 Months Later - What caused Irondequoit's DPW Fire?

It’s been nearly five months since flames ripped through Irondequoit's Department of Public Works building, but a cause has never been announced...

Good Question: Should you pay a city permit fee for a TV satellite dish?

A brochure at Rochester City Hall is causing some confusion. Many people think they have to pay a permit fee after they have a TV Satellite Dish, like Direct TV or Dish Network, installed on their home...


Good Question: After the flooding, what do you do with those sandbags?

Thousands of sandbags are being used to protect homes from flooding right now but what do you do with them when they are no longer needed?

Good Question: When will the new police station open in Greece?

It was supposed to open after the first of the year but it hasn't, so what's the deal?

Good Question: Where are the Chip Card Readers at Gas Pumps?

Retail stores were required to install them or face consequences but gas stations have been given a pass, for now...

Good Question: Is the US or European model better at predicting weather?

The U.S. and European weather models are both used to predict the weather, but which one is more accurate?

Good Question: Water Bills - Where is your money going?

Several viewers noticed something different on their water bills recently. It's not the fees being charged but the address where payments are being sent...

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Sacred Ground: The history of Rochester's Jewish Cemeteries

Sacred Ground: The history of Rochester's Jewish Cemeteries

Good Question: Can You be Ticketed for Not Brushing Off Your Car?

Good Question: Are they killing off geese in Webster?

Good Question: Damage to Your Lawn? Do you Have to Pay For It?

Good Question: Can you be fined for not recycling?

A Rochester Mystery: The Case of the Missing Bull's Head

Good Question: Will Airigami Balloon Displays Return to Downtown Rochester?

Good Question: Is there always an emergency at Wegmans?

Good Question: Are two-way radios distracting school bus drivers?