While many of our schools and teachers are outstanding examples of excellence in education, New York State Exposed: Education shines a light where the system is failing our children. We know a failure in education costs our community in crime, poverty, and wasted tax dollars. But more importantly, it steals the hope and potential from our children. Education impacts everyone - this is why we produce the series New York State Exposed: Education.

NYS Exposed Education: Could Rochester be getting a public high school just for addicts?

NYS Exposed Follow-Up: Issues continue with teacher certification system

NYS Exposed: Certification delays in midst of teacher shortage

NYS Exposed Education: College cost up 50 percent in last decade

NYS Exposed Education: Rochester testing out 'community schools'

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NYS Exposed Education: Chronic absenteeism in the Rochester City School District

One out of every three students in the Rochester City School District is chronically absent. It's a problem the district has been dealing with for years....

NYS Exposed Education: How will the new RCSD Superintendent help the district?

Next week 27,000 students in the City of Rochester will be heading back to school. Back to a district that has consistently been the lowest performing in the state...

NYS Exposed Education: The link between crime and education

A school district that graduates only half of its students on time affects children’s' lives and everyone's safety. So what is the average education level of a person arrested for a crime in Rochester?

NYS Exposed Education: What are state lawmakers going to do to turn around failing Rochester schools?

Fifteen schools in the City of Rochester are failing...

NYS Exposed Education: NY may step in to help save failing Rochester schools

Anywhere from 14-28 schools in the Rochester City School District are or will soon fall into receivership...

NYS Exposed Education: Why do refugee students succeed while students born in Rochester struggle?

Every Thursday we expose problems in education, primarily in Rochester city schools where only half of the children graduate on time. We look for ideas that can help fix those problems...

NYS Exposed Education: More options for sending kids to private schools

It's something every parent has to decide - where's the best place to send their child to school...

NYS Exposed Education: RCSD Code of Conduct Rally and Vote

School leaders are set to vote on new Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct has been extremely controversial for both parents and teachers because it deals with how to discipline students...

NYS Exposed Education: Teacher evaluation mandates

We asked your school superintendent to name one state mandate we should get rid of. Every single superintendent said we should get rid of the mandate on teacher evaluations...

NYS Exposed Education: Can changes to the Code of Conduct help fix city schools?

The Rochester City School Board of Education is looking for input on the new Code of Conduct...

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NYS Exposed Education: Changes to RCSD Code of Conduct

Advisory committee recommends military academy for Rochester school district

NYS Exposed Education: Take the Test special

NYS Exposed Education: Take the Test