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Jennifer Meagher RN is the owner of Senior Life LLC, Advocates and  Consultants. Meagher founded and oversees the Better Business Partners  Serving Seniors. She is on the Alzheimer’s Advocacy Committee and has specialized in geriatrics since 1998. She is called on by doctors, attorneys,  and financial advisors to care for their clients and their families. Contact Jennifer at

Dear Jennifer,  

I am going to miss you. I come here every week and soak up what you have to say. Is there any way to get you to change your mind? I’m sure I’m not alone. The community needs you!  

Say it isn’t so….  


Dear Janice,  

I have been writing for News 10 for nearly 10 years. I have reached a point where I just cannot continue to run my business, spend time with my family, and write here. I will miss all of my faithful readers and the wonderful letters.  Today, I have listed out some of the resources available to families in our area. Thank you so much for your support and kind words.   

Please visit me on Facebook: Jennifer Meagher RN.  I will start a blog at some point and will post it there.  

The trivia, researched and written by a wonderful gentleman, John Sproul, will continue on this website.  




Catholic Family Services  (see Eldersource, below)  

Eldersource   325-2800 

FACEBOOK for Jennifer Meagher RN  - BLOG is pending and will be announced there.  

Jewish Family Services  461-0110 

Lifespan    244-8400   (Also affiliated with Eldersource above.)  

Office of the Aging  - every county has one.   753-6280Ours is Monroe County Aging Office   

Senior Life LLC (that’s me) 424-2424   


Every major disease has an Association. Here are some examples. Add the disease of interest to you and the word “association” into an internet search.  

Alzheimer Association   760-5400 

American Cancer Society  288-1950  

American Heart Association 426-4050  

National Multiple Sclerosis Society  271-0801 

National Parkinson’s Foundation 1-800-4PD-INFO 

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By John Sproul

Key West, FL briefly seceded from the US in 1982, in response to the US Border Patrol setting up roadblocks on all roads leading into and out of the Florida Keys. What did the new country call itself?

A. Hemingway Land

B. Seashell Republic 

C. Margaritaville

D. Conch Republic 

The correct answer is D.

This was right after the Mariel boatlift mass emigration from Cuba, where Fidel Castro was thought to have emptied his jails. The road blocks were to allow searching cars for criminals and/or illegal drugs, but they also severely affected Key West's tourist economy. Some observers thought this secession was done tongue-in-cheek to get media attention, since they declared war on the US, surrendered a minute later and then applied for foreign aid! Conch Republic passports are still for sale to tourists.