Jennifer Meagher RN is a Geriatric Care Manager and Registered Nurse. She had a 21 year nursing career at Genesee Hospital, which included 11 years as Nurse Manager. She was the primary evening instructor for a local Home Health Aide training program. She has been a geriatric specialist since 1998. She is a member of Greater Rochester Area Partnership for the Elderly, is the founder and president of Better Businesses Partners Serving Seniors, and is called on by local attorneys and physicians for her expertise. She is the owner of Senior Life LLC, Independent Consultants and Advocates | www.SeniorLifeGCM.com

Dear Jennifer,

I went through the same things as Pamela from your response last week. Your answers reinforced for me that it is time to let go. My father is in the hospital, but they can’t keep him much longer. The social worker is running from one family to the next. She told me a little bit about our options, but I wanted to ask your opinion. What are all our choices for getting hospice care for him?

Thank you so much if you’ll answer this letter. I will appreciate it.


Dear Robert,

The choices for your father include:
Nursing Home Care with Hospice Team Support  
Life expectancy requirement: there is no requirement.
Average Cost: Possible insurance coverage or private pay at approximately $13,000 per month.     

Hospice Houses - There are nine throughout our region.
Life expectancy requirement:  under 3 months. 2-4 weeks is preferred.
Average Cost: none, other than medications and equipment costs. Consider a donation.

Hospice Centers  - with a specialty in palliative care or controlling discomforts.
Leo Center for Caring at the St. Ann’s Community on Portland Avenue
Hildebrandt Hospice Care Center on Ridgeway Avenue in Greece
Average Cost: none, other than medications and equipment costs. Consider a donation.

Your Home with either Lifetime Care or Visiting Nurse Service hospice teams.
Life Expectancy requirement: under 6 months
Average Cost: none, other than medications and equipment costs. Consider a donation.

Keep reading as below. Good Luck.



  • The following tips are from my accumulated knowledge over many years and build on the response as above.
  • All hospice teams provide an excellence of service in our area.
  • Hospice Centers respond first to those whose days are filled with discomforts.
  • Hospice Houses respond first to the neediest of our population; those with nowhere to go or with no family to support them. Next are those needing a hospice residence who are hospitalized.  From there, it is based on individual situations. All of those being considered must be aware of their prognosis and agree with the hospice philosophy of removing life-saving treatments and inserting comfort-enhancing treatments.
  • Nursing Homes are a fine choice, particularly if the location makes family visits easier.
  • If your loved one is in a nursing home, ask to include a hospice team from Lifetime Care or Visiting Nurse Service – this option provides an aide to sit with your loved one for a limited number of hours daily. (Generally 1-2 hours) The aide could read to your loved one, apply lotion, place cool cloths on the brow, and help with hygiene or positioning. Family can use this time to go home, shower, or run errands.
  • Talk to your loved one even if s/he appears asleep as hearing is preserved.
  • The hospice teams will have booklets for you about what to expect in regards to changes in your loved one.
  • Dying is a natural part of life. Your elder will take comfort from your presence and your attention to comfort needs. Your support and love are very helpful to your loved one.


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The correct answer is "A" -- 6 sang. Although there were 7 dwarfs, Dopey couldn't talk.