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Jennifer Meagher RN is the owner of Senior Life LLC, Advocates and  Consultants. Meagher founded and oversees the Better Business Partners  Serving Seniors. She is on the Alzheimer’s Advocacy Committee and has specialized in geriatrics since 1998. She is called on by doctors, attorneys,  and financial advisors to care for their clients and their families. Contact Jennifer at

Dear Jennifer, 

My parents just moved out of the house they lived in for 43 years. It is full to the top with stuff they’ve held onto for years. The realtor said we have to clear it all out of there to get the house sold. We don’t know if there are things of value, or there are stacks of papers we don’t dare just throw away because who knows if there is anything of value in there. 

It will take weeks to sort through everything. Do you have any tips? 


Dear Tony, 

My mother was the same way, what a tremendous task. Here’s your choices: 

1. Rent a dumpster. Take your time sifting and tossing. Then hire an estate appraiser to come through if you think there are items of value. 

2. If you can’t take the time, consider renting a storage unit and sift through it as you’re able. An estate appraiser can look through it from there as well. 

3. There are also companies that help you empty your house such as: some moving companies, some move managers, Got Junk, and some handymen services. Donation pick ups will select and haul away what they can reuse. Your realtor may have suggestions as well. 

You have a big job on your hands, but this too will pass. Good luck



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By John Sproul

4. Celebrities Bob Hope, John Wayne, Ronald Reagan and John Lennon all have what in common?

A. They each died on a Leap Year Day (Feb 29)

B. They each have an airport named for them

C. They were all left handed

D. They all had six toes on one of their feet

The correct answer is B.

Bob Hope Airport is in Burbank, California (named in 2003). Washington National Airport in Arlington County, Virginia is now called Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (renamed in 1998). John Wayne Airport (renamed in 1979) is in Orange County California and Liverpool International Airport (serving North West England) was renamed in 2001 to Liverpool John Lennon Airport in honor of the former Beatle.