We know the best questions are often your questions because it's what YOU want to know! Nothing is too big or too small so just ask Pat. He'll get the answer because what you're wondering is no doubt a good question.
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Good Question: What's with the manholes on the roads?

Good Question: Mysterious devices in Rochester

Good Question Special: Three common questions from our viewers

Good Question: Smoke Pot Legally, Lose Your Job?

Good Question: Tire disposal fee

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Good Question: Why are BB guns allowed to look like real guns?

There is a growing concern over BB guns that are made to look like the real thing following the shooting death of a teen...

Good Question: Is New York’s Ballot Selfie Law actually enforced?

You may have heard it is against the law in NYS to take a selfie, a.k.a. a photo, of you and your ballot. But is it really enforced?

Good Question: Can campaigns put political signs in your yard without your permission?

A viewer reached out to Pat Taney for this week's Good Question after someone put campaign signs on her property without asking her first...

Good Question: What’s going on with the Fishers Ridge project in Victor?

What's going on with a multi-million dollar development in Victor?

Good Question: What happens to paper ballots after the election?

In four weeks you'll be heading to the polls to vote. One viewer wants to know about the scanned paper ballots you will use to vote in the electronic machines...


Good Question: Jury Duty - Are some people losing money when they go to court?

A viewer wants to know why jurors have to pay for parking when they're forced to report for duty...

Good Question: Should the Move Over Law be changed?

You may already know when you see a police, construction or emergency vehicle with flashing lights on the side of the highway you move over a lane. It's a state law, but why aren't all vehicles part of the law?...

Good Question: Cheerleaders for boys and not the girls?

Are local high schools doing enough to ensure young women get just as much support on the sidelines as young men? One dad wants more equality on the sidelines of local high school sports...

Good Question: Who's maintaining the unfinished Canandaigua hotel project?

There are growing concerns on whether an unfinished project on Canandaigua Lake will make it through another winter...

Good Question: What's up with the blinking yellow arrows on new traffic signals?

New traffic signals are causing accidents in some local communities...

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Good Question: Do lawmakers have to pay for Thruway tolls?

Good Question: Could cameras catch trucks that break the weight limit on Marsh Road Bridge?

Good Question: No More Waiting at the DMV?

Good Question: What’s going on with plans to bring an Aldi’s to the North Winton neighborhood?

Good Question: Why is the police station near Gates Walmart unmanned?

Good Question: How long will the Spirit of Rochester sit vacant in the Genesee River?

Good Question: Who is responsible for picking up trash along local highways?

Good Question: What happens to the nickel deposit on unredeemed bottles and cans?

Good Question: What Changes can Shoppers Expect with the New Marketplace Outlet Mall?

Good Question: Why is it ok for kids to smoke cigarettes but not buy them?