We know the best questions are often your questions because it's what YOU want to know! Nothing is too big or too small so just ask Pat. He'll get the answer because what you're wondering is no doubt a good question.
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Good Question: Beach closed, where's the money?

Good Question: Beach closed, where's the money?

Good Question: Is there a prescription drug shortage?

Good Question: Is there a prescription drug shortage?

Good Question: Can you shoot down a spying drone?

Good Question: Do emergency crews stop for school busses too?

Good Question: What's the delay on Broad Street?

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Good Question: Why did Greece build it, tear it down, & build it again?

Some of you who live in Greece have noticed something strange with a construction project going on near Town Hall...

Good Question: Is an eagle sculpture delaying traffic on the Thruway?

Several viewers asked Pat Taney if a very large bird sculpture is causing a slowdown on the NYS Thruway...

Good Question: Can you drive on the shoulder of the road?

You may think using the shoulder of the road to go around a car that is turning is legal, but that is not always the case...

Good Question: Can one touch expose you to deadly drugs?

Are you at risk of being exposed to powerful and deadly painkillers without even knowing it? 

Good Question: Can I remove my address from websites?

Whether you like it or not, in this online world, your information is out there for the world to see...


Good Question: Is anyone cleaning up the Rochester Aldi's site?

It's a piece of land in Rochester where for years we've been told an Aldi grocery store will be built. Now, after another court setback, who's responsible for maintaining the lot which is overgrown with weeds?

Good Question: Are Rochester Cinemas behind the Times?

A viewer who recently went to a Dolby AMC Cinema wants to know if Rochester will ever get one...

Good Question: Should Lyme disease tests be improved?

You've no doubt heard Lyme disease is a big concern this year. Some of you are asking if diagnostic tests are catching the illness soon enough...

Good Question: Can your insurance card impact your credit?

It's a story that impacts thousands of people. Why do Medicare cards, that many of you need to carry around and show as proof of health insurance coverage, have your social security number blasted on the front?

Good Question: Unattended Child - When Can a Parent be Charged?

It was a story that sparked a lot of debate. A Pittsford mother was charged with endangering the welfare of her child after deputies say she left her 10-year old son at the Lego store at Eastview Mall for more than two hours earlier this month.

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Good Question: Highway Lane Closure - Are you a Budger?

Good Question: Highway Lane Closure - Are you a Budger?

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