We know the best questions are often your questions because it's what YOU want to know! Nothing is too big or too small so just ask Pat. He'll get the answer because what you're wondering is no doubt a good question.
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Good Question: Is Bass Pro Shops coming to Victor or not?

Good Question: Is Bass Pro Shops coming to Victor or not?

Good Question: Do pedestrian 'walk' buttons actually work?

Good Question: Do pedestrian 'walk' buttons actually work?

Good Question: Where did all of the trees go?

Good Question follow-up: Changes to Adopt-a-Highway program?

Good Question: Why is it so difficult to adopt a highway?

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Good Question: A winter law that's tough to enforce?

It's a state law that a lot of people are breaking and it could cause you to wreck your car..,

Good Question: Are people abusing service dog laws?

You may have seen stories or heard about people being kicked out of planes, restaurants, and workplaces for animals those people say they need for emotional support... 

Good Question: You've been deported. Now what?

A viewer asked Pat Taney how an undocumented immigrant is removed from the U.S. and how much it costs for this week's Good Question report...

Good Question: Would you pay $58 to travel one mile?

A local man is asking why his ambulance bill was so high...

Good Question: Doggy distraction? Should there be a law against pets on drivers' laps?

You already know that driving while talking on a cell phone that's not hands-free is illegal. But what about driving with your dog or cat?


Good Question: Sam's Club members, were you shortchanged?

As you know, Sam's Club in Henrietta and Greece closed down last month...

Good Question: Is it a 90,000-lb. distraction on the roads?

Imagine driving a 90,000 pound truck with multiple levers, two monitors, and several controls, all in the snow. Do you think you'd be distracted?

Good Question: Is Rochester still going after unpaid red light tickets?

Rochester's red light cameras went dark on Dec. 31, 2016...

Good Question: What's Going on With Those Traffic Cameras?

Several viewers noticed the cameras, they depend on to save time on their commutes, have not been working....

Good Question: When is Crime Stopper's reward money denied?

You may have heard about the Tampa woman, who helped police arrest a suspected serial killer but was initially denied the reward money.

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Good Question: Taxing the Trash?

Good Question: Taxing the Trash?

Good Question: Forcing criminals to get psychiatric help?

Good Question: Why so many dropped calls in Pittsford?

Good Question: Who murdered four people and left them to burn?

Good Question: What's going on with Marketplace Mall?

Good Question: Are these real or fake parking tickets?

Good Question: Beach closed, where's the money?

Good Question: Is there a prescription drug shortage?

Good Question: Can you shoot down a spying drone?

Good Question: Do emergency crews stop for school busses too?