We know the best questions are often your questions because it's what YOU want to know! Nothing is too big or too small so just ask Pat. He'll get the answer because what you're wondering is no doubt a good question.
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Sacred Ground: The history of Rochester's Jewish Cemeteries

Good Question: Can You be Ticketed for Not Brushing Off Your Car?

Good Question: Are they killing off geese in Webster?

Good Question: Damage to Your Lawn? Do you Have to Pay For It?

Good Question: Can you be fined for not recycling?

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A Rochester Mystery: The Case of the Missing Bull's Head

In this week's Good Question report, Pat Taney was asked what happened to a Rochester landmark. His search led to a bigger discovery...

Good Question: Will Airigami Balloon Displays Return to Downtown Rochester?

Pat Taney was asked what happened to the event that drew in nearly 40,000 people every year...

Good Question: Is there always an emergency at Wegmans?

A lot of you have been noticing fire trucks parked outside of the East Avenue Wegmans in Rochester...

Good Question: Are two-way radios distracting school bus drivers?

School bus drivers have an important job - getting your kids to and from school. But is a handheld device distracting them?

Good Question: The Cost of Convenience? The fee cities and towns can charge you but businesses can't

If you've paid any water, city or town bill online, you may have noticed there is an extra fee...


Good Question: What's with the manholes on the roads?

A viewer asked Pat Taney why do manholes sink, creating a pothole effect?

Good Question: Mysterious devices in Rochester

You may have noticed white devices on top of several Rochester city light poles recently. If you've been wondering what they are, you're not alone...

Good Question Special: Three common questions from our viewers

So many people reach out to us with questions for our Good Question report. So this week, we are answering a few questions we haven’t had a chance to answer this year...

Good Question: Smoke Pot Legally, Lose Your Job?

This week you will be able to legally smoke marijuana in nearby Massachusetts, but here’s a warning if you plan on taking part...

Good Question: Tire disposal fee

A fee you pay for new tires in New York State was supposed to end at the end of this month, but we found out it's sticking around...

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Good Question: Why are BB guns allowed to look like real guns?

Good Question: Is New York’s Ballot Selfie Law actually enforced?

Good Question: Can campaigns put political signs in your yard without your permission?

Good Question: What’s going on with the Fishers Ridge project in Victor?

Good Question: What happens to paper ballots after the election?

Good Question: Jury Duty - Are some people losing money when they go to court?

Good Question: Should the Move Over Law be changed?

Good Question: Cheerleaders for boys and not the girls?

Good Question: Who's maintaining the unfinished Canandaigua hotel project?

Good Question: What's up with the blinking yellow arrows on new traffic signals?