Too many New Yorkers are tired of saying goodbye to family and friends who can no longer afford to call this state home. The high taxes, excessive regulations, and corruption in state government are causing more people to flee New York faster than any other.

New Yorkers deserve better and home is worth fighting for. That's why New York State Exposed exists.

NYS Exposed: New York State taxes you when you die

NYS Exposed: New York State taxes you when you die

NYS Exposed: The one law adding $10,000 to the cost of a new home

NYS Exposed: The one law adding $10,000 to the cost of a new home

NYS Exposed: Thousands flee to Canada

NYS Exposed: Taxpayers on the hook for retrials and defense of corrupt lawmakers

NYS Exposed: Should New York hold a constitutional convention?

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NYS Exposed: Thruway Authority spent $35 million on toll collectors in 2016

"I see the person there handing out, personally handing a ticket to the car," comments Tim Trausch, Thruway traveler. "I scratch my head and say this makes no sense."...

'I Love NY' signs coming down?

Those “I Love NY” signs that Governor Cuomo had installed up and down our highways may soon be coming down...

NYS Exposed takes you into the middle of terror attack training

We live in the state that saw the worst terror attack in the history of the country...

NYS Exposed: Local counties seeing increase in drug-related diagnosis for newborns

The reach of the growing opioid epidemic touches every corner of our area and that impact touches some of the most vulnerable in our community: Babies still in their mother's womb...

NYS Exposed: Only fraction of NYS gas tax goes towards infrastructure

"I don't think that's news to any of your viewers. As they travel around, they're dodging potholes."


NYS Exposed: Study finds mood-altering drugs in local fish

Suicidal shrimp, rogue walleye: A new study finds fish are behaving badly. And, the study says, it's all because of what they're being exposed to in our local water...

NYS Exposed: Counties may join lawsuit against pharmaceutical companies over opioid crisis

Did the makers of pain pills cause the opioid crisis that is crippling so many of our communities?...

NYS Exposed: Financial weight of Canal Corporation shifted onto Power Authority

Last year, New York State shifted responsibility for New York canals and a more than $100 million annual operating deficit from the Thruway authority to the state's Power Authority...

NYS Exposed: Thruway drivers may help pay for new Tappan Zee Bridge

The new Tappan Zee Bridge is hundreds of miles away in downstate New York, but people in our area could be footing the bill...

NYS Exposed: NY hands out millions to film and TV productions

Recently released numbers show New York State spent just over $150 million in the first quarter of 2017 on film and television productions...

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