NYS Exposed: Do citizens have any say in how tax dollars are spent?

It’s your money, you should have a say in how it’s spent, so why do just three men in Albany decide what’s important to all New Yorkers?...

  • NYS Exposed: Term limits for state lawmakers
  • NYS Exposed: Big raises for state legislators?
  • New York State Exposed Special: Home is Worth Fighting For
  • Lawmaker pension reform not included in Assembly Democrats' ethics plan

  • NYS Exposed: Will a minimum wage hike hurt non-profits?
  • NYS Exposed: Vehicle inspection regulations
  • NYS Exposed: Easy to sign up, but harder to take your name off the organ donors registry
  • Henrietta solar energy supplier to close

  • NYS Exposed: Impact of minimum wage increase
  • New York State Exposed: New York is worst state for retirement, report says
  • NYS Exposed: Record overtime pay for state employees
  • NYS Exposed follow-up: Delay in funds leads to construction layoffs at Buffalo Billion project

  • NYS Exposed: License to Work
  • NYS Exposed follow-up: Why don't charter schools get state money for their buildings?
  • NYS Exposed: "Shaming" banks into action
  • NYS Exposed: Million dollar healthcare mistake

  • NYS Exposed: Should New York be more like Pennsylvania?
  • NYS Exposed: Why would NYS force an elected official to collect two taxpayer funded paychecks?
  • NYS Exposed: Should the government do more to address zombie homes?
  • NYS Exposed: Should state legislators be allowed to make money from side jobs?

  • County Executive Dinolfo talks about highway lighting issues
  • NYS Exposed: Is the SAFE Act working?
  • New York State Exposed: Jailhouse pensions for lawmakers
  • NYS Exposed: Parole system concerns

  • NYS Exposed: Should upstate New York secede from NYC?
  • NYS Exposed: Sex Offenders
  • NYS Exposed: Report shows highest paid public employee in WNY is a Wayne Co. psychiatrist
  • NYS Exposed: What's the plan to fix the worsening condition of the Lake Ontario State Parkway?

  • NYS Exposed: Is NYS risking too much of your tax money in a solar power project in Buffalo?
  • NYS Exposed: Why are your tax dollars going towards cars for state Assembly members?
  • NYS Exposed: Will Rochester’s medical marijuana dispensary be safe?
  • NYS Exposed: Should New York City be a part of the state?

  • NYS Exposed: The future of red light cameras in Rochester
  • NYS Exposed: Why are hundreds of highway lights out?
  • NYS Exposed: Why are property taxes drastically different depending on where you live in the state?
  • NYS Exposed: Is New York preventing some people from getting back to work sooner?

  • New York State Exposed: Will you need more ID to take a domestic flight?
  • New York State Exposed: Protecting the money you give to charities
  • New York State Exposed: Should the canal system be separated from the Thruway Authority?
  • New York State Exposed: Is there enough oversight for how your tax dollars are being spent?


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