Too many New Yorkers are tired of saying goodbye to family and friends who can no longer afford to call this state home. The high taxes, excessive regulations, and corruption in state government are causing more people to flee New York faster than any other.

New Yorkers deserve better and home is worth fighting for. That's why New York State Exposed exists.

NYS Exposed: Will ride-sharing be part of the state budget?

NYS Exposed: Saga over 'I Love NY' signs continues

NYS Exposed: State weighing a 5-cent plastic bag fee for stores

NYS Exposed: Why isn’t the Port Byron Canal Park on the Thruway open?

NYS Exposed: 'Donation' tacked onto college tuition bills

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NYS Exposed Follow-up: The cost of throw-away flyers

Before the election, News10NBC reported on a number of local lawmakers who were using your tax dollars to send out flashy mailers reminding you of their accomplishments in Albany...

NYS Exposed: Why is the mandatory surcharge so high for tickets?

.If you've paid a traffic ticket recently, you were probably astounded by what it cost you...

NYS Exposed: The cost of 'free' college

Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to allow most students to go to New York State schools tuition-free but there’s been a lot of pushback from taxpayers -- many of whom are still paying their own college loans back -- about the proposal...

NYS Exposed: Convicted state Senators get their taxpayer chair for a steal

We know that if you're a state lawmaker in New York, you get paid well and get some nice perks...

NYS Exposed: Taxes, fees and surcharges in the state budget

Governor Andrew Cuomo has been touring New York State talking about his budget proposals which include plans for free SUNY tuition to many New Yorkers, upstate ridesharing and lower property taxes but the budget also includes millions of dollars in taxes and fees that are buried deep in the thousands of pages of numbers...


Assembly and Senate pass pension reform bill

State lawmakers in both houses have approved a bill to remove pensions from state lawmakers convicted of corruption crimes...

NYS Exposed: If approved, who will foot the bill for cancer coverage for volunteer firefighters?

Monday night, we asked why volunteer firefighters don't get the same cancer coverage as full-time firefighters in New York state?...

NYS Exposed: Why doesn't NY offer the same protections to volunteer firefighters as full-time

Volunteer firefighters, who risk their lives to keep us safe, get protected from all kinds of hazards except cancer...

NYS Exposed: Many homeowners still waiting for homeowner rebates

Local homeowners are receiving checks in the mail from New York State...

NYS Exposed: State Attempting to Rein in Energy Marketers

If you buy electric or gas from an energy service company (ESCO), you’ve likely been overpaying....

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