Too many New Yorkers are tired of saying goodbye to family and friends who can no longer afford to call this state home. The high taxes, excessive regulations, and corruption in state government are causing more people to flee New York faster than any other.

New Yorkers deserve better and home is worth fighting for. That's why New York State Exposed exists.

NYS Exposed: Gov. Cuomo says vetoed charity raffle bill was 'unconstitutional'

NYS Exposed: Lawmakers could still get pay raise

NYS Exposed: Why isn't Uber available in Upstate?

NYS Exposed: Lawmaker pay raise commission can't agree on number

NYS Exposed: 1 in 4 Assembly members get extra pay for leadership positions

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NYS Exposed: ROC airport getting $43M for upgrades courtesy of taxpayers

Millions of your tax dollars are being thrown at the Greater Rochester International Airport...

NYS Exposed: Why is it so hard to get your money after a small claims court win

If you think you've been ripped off and someone owes you money, you can take them to small claims court.

NYS Exposed: Why did the state change the STAR Program?

New homeowners are running into problems with the state's STAR Program. As part of this year's budget, the tax break for homeowners turned into a rebate check...

NYS Exposed: New furniture for the State Senate

Just under $2 million of your tax dollars was spent by the state Senate to replace all of the furniture in each and every senator’s Albany office and its committee rooms..

NYS Exposed: Unlegislated energy cost increase

Over the next few years, you will be paying more for power, and it was all approved without a single vote from the men and women who represent you in Albany...


Assembly speaker on lawmaker raise: Pay raise should match inflation

The Assembly speaker says a pay raise is long overdue for state lawmakers -- and the increase should match the rate of inflation...

NYS Exposed: Security changes at Ginna Nuclear Power Plant

A nuclear power plant in our area is trying to cut costs by making security changes. These changes could be putting people living nearby in danger...

NYS Exposed: $2 million Medicaid payments made to dead people -- again

New York spends more money on Medicaid recipients than any other state. This year more than $18.5 billion of your state tax dollars are budgeted for the program. 

Could charges against the SUNY Poly leader affect Rochester's photonics project?

Alain Kaloyeros has been suspended without pay from his duties as the President and CEO of SUNY Polytechnic Institute in the wake of federal charges accusing him of bribery...

NYS Exposed: News10NBC delivers lawmaker pay raise petition to commission

Our state lawmakers make at least $79,000 a year plus bonuses. They’re paid with your tax money, and that's why we're focused on the commission charged with coming up with a lawmaker pay raise...

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