Too many New Yorkers are tired of saying goodbye to family and friends who can no longer afford to call this state home. The high taxes, excessive regulations, and corruption in state government are causing more people to flee New York faster than any other.

New Yorkers deserve better and home is worth fighting for. That's why New York State Exposed exists.

Prominent charter school success story confronts accusations of controversial connections

Prominent charter school success story confronts accusations of controversial connections

NYS Exposed: Bad Attendance

NYS Exposed: Bad Attendance

NYS Exposed: Closed in 2011, state hasn't been able to sell Butler Correctional Facility

NYS Exposed: Why is the Canal Corp giving away money to something not on the canal?

NYS Exposed: Dangerous DWI drop -- How did this happen?

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NYS Exposed: State releases more than 130 convicted murderers to parole

Ever since the rape of a teenage girl near the Liberty Pole in downtown Rochester three years ago by a man on parole, our local police chiefs have been critical of the New York State parole system...

NYS Exposed: Is consolidation really the answer for high taxes?

Services you're used to could go away, but you could save money on your property taxes...

NYS Exposed: You can get free tuition if you graduate on time

New York State's tuition-free program starts next September...

NYS Exposed: Could the state's medical marijuana program fail?

The medical marijuana program in New York state started in early 2016...

NYS Exposed: New 'Taste NY' rest stop being torn apart

Millions of your tax and toll dollars have been spent on another rest stop along the Thruway. The problem this time, eight months after it was built; parts of it are already being demolished!...


NYS Exposed Follow-Up: Canal Society says NYS is shutting it out of project

Your tax dollars and toll money paid for a $10 million project along the New York State Thruway. The problem: You don’t have any access to the park, museum or visitor center that was built...

NYS Exposed: Was a NYS-affiliated real estate deal good for you?

A giant building owned by a corporation connected to New York State, that thousands of people drive by everyday, just got sold...

NYS Exposed: Will ride-sharing be part of the state budget?

The governor and the Senate are on board, but ride-sharing might not be able to clear the final hurdle to be part of this year's budget...

NYS Exposed: Saga over 'I Love NY' signs continues

The saga over those "I Love NY" signs continues...

NYS Exposed: State weighing a 5-cent plastic bag fee for stores

When you buy something at a store, if you can't carry the item yourself, you usually put it in either a paper bag, a re-usable cloth bags or go the easy route and fill up a plastic bag or two, right?...

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NYS Exposed: Why isn’t the Port Byron Canal Park on the Thruway open?

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