NYS Exposed: New York State taxes you when you die

NYS Exposed: The one law adding $10,000 to the cost of a new home

NYS Exposed: Thousands flee to Canada

NYS Exposed Education: Lawsuit filed over teacher certification change for charters

NYS Exposed Education: State allows charter schools to certify their teachers

NYS Exposed: Finding teachers difficult amid NY shortage of qualified applicants

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Good Question: Why so many dropped calls in Pittsford?

Good Question: Who murdered four people and left them to burn?

Good Question: What's going on with Marketplace Mall?

Jason Ferguson wins Rochester Rocs!

Waterside Wine Bar wins Rochester Rocs!

Bernard’s Grove wins Rochester Rocs!

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Greece Police: Vehicle with 4-year-old inside stolen from Walmart

Surveillance footage shows person of interest

New technology could help law enforcement fight drugged driving

New technology could help law enforcement fight drugged driving

Rochester woman charged with murder in death of 10-day-old baby pleads not guilty

Markiya Mitchell, 25 of Rochester

Police: Gates woman made false claims of police abuse

Tina Lehman

After death of 8th child, Ikea relaunches dresser recall

Elliot Kaye