Fresh Start: H.I.I.T.

Fresh Start: Apple Cider Vinegar

Fresh Start: Back Fat

Fresh Start: De-Stress Your Day

Fresh Start: Floor Exercises

Fresh Start: Partner workouts

Partner work is super fun. You can do your workout together and get in shape together!

Fresh Start: Chair stretches

A lot of us are stuck at our desks for a good part of the day...

Fresh Start: High Fructose Corn Syrup

High fructose corn syrup is scientifically proven to lead to diabetes, obesity, and different metabolic diseases. We really need to look out for it. The problem is, it's everywhere.

Fresh Start: Setting Attainable Goals

Most resolutions fail. One of the biggest reasons is because people set unattainable goals. Learn what you can do to make your goal more realistic.

Fresh Start: Kettlebell Exercises

Becca Miller from the RAC for Women shows us some kettlebell exercises. 

Fresh Start: Injury modifications

A lot of people want to up their workout, but they're worried about injuries. You can make modifications to help if you do have an injury...

Fresh Start: Roasting

Thanksgiving is over, but squash season has just begun. It's everywhere - if you go to the stores you'll find it everywhere you go...

Fresh Start: Thanksgiving Tips

Thanksgiving is coming up, and some people pack on the pounds around this time of year...

Fresh Start: Core Workout

You can get a good core workout using a medicine ball...

Fresh Start: Tips from the Presidential Candidates

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have some healthy habits that we can all learn from...

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