Weather Myths: Is there any truth to weather folklore?

Weather Myths: Can you really predict the weather from the birds and the bees?

Weather Myths: Is there any truth to the Old Farmer's Almanac?

Weather Myths: Can weather determine how you feel?

Weather Myths: Does Rochester weather deserve its bad reputation?

Weather Myths: Can you feel change in weather in your joints?

Do you swear that your knee gets sensitive before it rains? Or maybe your joints act up right before a storm?...

Weather Myths: Can you trust what you see on social media?

Without fail, when a big storm is brewing, weather forecasts and pictures are bound to pop-up on your social media feed. But are there any facts behind these posts or are they all just fiction?...

Weather Myths: Mother Nature and your health

We know that plants have many purposes -- like the aloe vera plant which helps soothe minor burns -- but can nature really help put you to sleep or keep away certain bugs?...

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