Romania charges 77 doctors in bribery case

Pakistan says new sampling shows progress against polio

Czech government again approves ban on smoking

Finally allowed 2nd child, older Chinese parents turn to IVF

Child in critical condition after Paris lightning strike

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Child still critical after lightning hits 11 in Paris park

The Latest: Child on life support after lightning strike

Honolulu schools to let kids with lice stay in class

Official: 11 people hit by lightning in a Paris park, including children at a birthday party

California rushes to allow HIV-infected organ transplants


Dr. Heimlich, 96, uses his maneuver to save choking woman

The Latest: Woman says Dr. Heimlich used namesake maneuver

The Latest: California governor signs HIV-transplant bill

Cellphone radiation study raises concerns despite low risk

Mosquito trap maker can't meet demand amid Zika outbreak

Report: 1st US case of germ resistant to last resort drug

FDA approves first drug-oozing implant to control addiction

CDC urges speed on Zika as House moves to negotiate funding

House-Senate talks begin on Obama's Zika funding request.

WHO: Nearly 960 killed in attacks on hospitals in 2 years

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