Retail and service firms drive June US hiring

Posted at: 07/05/2013 1:06 PM
By The Associated Press

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June’s robust hiring was driven again by the U.S. service industry, signaling growing confidence in the American consumer.
The hospitality industry, which includes restaurants, hotels, casinos and amusement parks, led all groups with 75,000 added jobs. More than two-thirds of those were at restaurants.
Retailers added 37,100 jobs. Professional and business services added 53,000 positions. The financial industry created 17,000 jobs.
Construction firms added 13,000 jobs last month, further evidence of the strengthening recovery in housing. Through the first six months of the year, the industry has created 101,000 jobs.
The weakest parts of the job market remain manufacturing and government.
Factories shed jobs for the fourth straight month and have cut 24,000 positions since February.
And governments cut jobs for the fourth time this year, although the job losses were strictly at the federal and state levels. Local governments added 13,000 jobs and have created 49,000 since February.
Here’s a look at the jobs added or lost in each major industry category:
Industry June May Past 12 months
Construction 13,000 7,000 190,000
Manufacturing -8,000 -9,000 29,000
Retail 37,100 26,900 300,100
Transportation, warehousing -5,100 -6,800 56,600
Information (Telecom, publishing) -5,000 1,000 13,000
Financial services 17,000 6,000 108,000
Professional services (Accounting, temp work) 53,000 65,000 624,000
Education and health 13,000 23,000 366,000
Hotels, restaurants, entertainment 75,000 69,000 514,000
Government -7,000 -12,000 -64,000
Source: Labor Department

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