Exclusive: Accused wife-killer talks to News 10NBC

Posted at: 01/28/2009 11:18 AM | Updated at: 09/21/2012 12:38 PM
By: Berkeley Brean | WHEC.com

In a News 10NBC exclusive, Bryon Drennan -- the man accused of killing his newlywed wife and burying her body along Lake Ontario in Wayne County -- talks in a recorded interview.

Drennan initiated the conversation when called News 10NBC from the Rochester Psychiatric Center. Drennan insisted on doing the taped interview. He is charged with Second Degree Murder. His trial is still months away.

*Click here to listen to the raw interview with Bryon Drennan*

We first asked him if he did what he's accused of doing.

Brean: Did you kill your wife?
Drennan: No.

Brean: Who do you think did?
Drennan: I don't know. I don't know and I don't have any idea.

Brean: Why would somebody do that?
Drennan: I don't know but I'm saddened by it believe me. That's why the first three to four weeks I was in jail I was crying my eyes out. If you lost your spouse wouldn't you cry and be upset? I sure would.

Stephanie Casey went missing on Thanksgiving. Days later, her body was found buried under rocks next to Lake Ontario. State Police found her bloody clothes in nearby woods. In a statement, Drennan admitted to police that he beat and stabbed Casey. But when he talked to us, he said his confession was coerced.

Drennan: I was basically stating that I hit my wife with a dumbbell plate and stabbed her with some wooden heart. All that is hearsay.

Brean: You did not do that?
Drennan: I didn't not do that.

Brean: Why did you say you did that?
Drennan: Because they basically, when they were questioning me, basically persuaded me to say that.

Brean: How?
Drennan: Well because (the investigator), when he was questioning me questioned me like this, he says 'I know, I know you stabbed her with the heart.' And he said 'You better agree to it. God dammit' is what he said.

Brean: I would think that if I didn't do something I wouldn't admit to it.
Drennan: Well they didn't give me any choice really when I was being questioned. They were very, uh, I don't know, demanding and threatening and so in being that way, I was going through so much stress at the beginning of it I wasn't realizing I guess what I was doing? I was pretty much stupid and just agreed with them. And I shouldn't have. I should have just said I want an attorney from the beginning. But I didn't do that. I shouldn't have admitted to anything.

Drennan admitted that he changed his story and told police he put her on a place back to her home state of Texas.

Drennan: That was all part of that made up story as well, with the airport thing. They just didn't put that in the felony complaint you see? You're right, that was part of the story. A made up story.

Brean: So it's not true?
Drennan: It was all made up basically. Yeah. It's all false.

Rick Healy is the Wayne County Prosecutor. "I think he would be well advised to listen to his lawyers and not talk about this case with anyone but his lawyers," Healy said.
"Does it affect the case, do you think?" we asked. "Anything he says to you or anyone else potentially could be used against him in court, correct," Healy said.

Bryon Drennan called News 10NBC several times. We made it clear that we recorded one of the conversations. In the end, we pressed him again on his wife's death and that's when he suggested she killed herself. 

Brean: Can you think of any reason that anyone would want to do that to your wife?
Drennan: No I can't. I don't know if you've read but people with bipolar sometimes commit suicide. That may be possible, but I don't know. I don't know if she did or not.

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