Helping seniors cope with winter weather

Posted at: 12/23/2011 9:57 AM

While winter weather may pose an inconvenience to the average person, it can be extremely dangerous for the elderly residing among us.

“Seniors are particularly vulnerable to very cold temperatures and slippery conditions outside,” said Sheryl Karch, Director of Volunteer Development and Community Outreach. “It’s important that community members check in on their neighbors to ensure their safety and comfort.”

If you are caring for a senior who may need help in case of a disaster, prepare by doing the following:
• Prepare a Disaster Supply kit for your family member who cannot do so. If this person receives home care, speak with the case manager to see what the agency’s role would be in case of emergency at home or if evacuation is indicated.

• Develop and practice evacuation drills in case of fire and other disasters particular to your area. Enlist the assistance of other family members if possible.

• Find out what provisions are available in your area should evacuation be needed, especially if your family member requires an uninterrupted power source for survival.

• Know that you may be directed to a hospital or a special needs shelter and you may need to assist in the continuing care for that person during the emergency situation.

• Be sure to make your back-up assistants/family members aware of all emergency plans.

For more tips, visit to download a printable senior preparedness brochure.

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