We're all consumers, and at some point, we've all gotten the shaft. From roofers to retailers, you want to make sure you get your money's worth. That's why Consumer Investigator Deanna Dewberry is here. She's investigating your consumer complaints and offering practical advice with her Deanna's Do List.

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Spectrum outage leaves realtor without email for days

Spectrum outage leaves realtor without email for days

How to find the best deals on Amazon Prime Day

How to find the best deals on Amazon Prime Day

Will Takata's bankruptcy affect recall repairs?

Greece grandmother gets refund from contractor

Greece grandmother says contractor's repairs are already cracking after a year

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Historic buildings present challenge for those with disabilities

This story has no easy solutions: A daughter was trying to take her mother out for Easter brunch...

Lawsuit blames lax security at Chipotle for breach

I got a really interesting email in my inbox today...

Local couple impacted by Chipotle data breach

If you used your credit or debit card at Chipotle recently, thieves may already have your card number...

Cutting the Cord: Choosing a streaming device

Here's a challenge for you: Take a look at your recurring monthly expenses. Is your cable bill busting the budget?...

State to answer insurance questions for residents facing flooding

There’s good news for folks in Greece: Insurance help is rolling into town in an RV...


Gas prices fall due to oversupply

We all got a break at the pump last week. Gas prices fell here at home and across the country...

With gas prices going up, here's how to find the best prices

As a consumer investigator, Deanna Dewberry is always looking for ways to help you save money. She analyzed gas prices, and the prices at the pump offer some good news and some bad news.

Heading into the tax filing deadline, tips for dealing with identity theft

The taxman cometh... In fact, he's here and his arrival is all the more painful if you're a victim of identity theft...

Study: Twice as many credit card complaints in Rochester

According to the Federal Reserve, 72-percent of us have at least one credit card. So a new study by a consumer research group based in New York City called Value Penguin caught our eye...