Attorney for Rideout son points finger at mom

July 17, 2017 05:17 PM

"What kind of person asks her children to clean that up?" That was the question asked by the defense attorneys for one of the sons charged in the death of Craig Rideout.

Craig Rideout's sons Colin and Alex are both charged with murder along with Rideout's estranged wife Laura and her boyfriend Paul "P.J." Tucci.

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Monday afternoon, defense attorneys for the two sons presented their closing arguments in the trial. During his argument, attorney Matt Parrinello attempted to shift blame on Laura Rideout during his arguments.

Parrinello argued that Colin was called to clean up -- after the murders occurred.

"He's going to say that these items belong to Colin and these items are proof that Colin committed a murder," said Parrinello referencing photos of a blood covered shirt, pants and shoes. "Ask yourself: 'If the blood on these items is coagulated -- which it very well may be because we don't have testimony that says it isn't -- isn't this consistent more with a clean-up?"

Parrinello then continued to poke holes in the evidence, posing another question about the shirt.

"Does someone who commits a murder... Does someone who plans a murder at least two days before... Do they throw up on themselves?" Parrinello asked jurors. "Or is this more consistent with someone who was asked to come over and clean up... Clean up what someone else did."

With that, Parrinello began to pivot his argument towards Laura Rideout.

"No child should have to clean that up," Parrinello said. "Shouldn't happen. What kind of person asks her children to clean that up? What kind of person asks their children to do that? It's the same kind of person that comes into this courtroom and blames her children.

"Is there throw up on the Mossimo jeans? Nope."

Parrinello then argued that Colin had no reason to murder his father.

"Asks yourself, who had a motive in this case," Parrinello continued. "Who's getting a divorce? Colin's not getting a divorce."

Experts said jeans with Laura's DNA had blood spatter on it from the murder scene and prosecutors say she was seen in Walmart buying a tarp, bungee cords and drain cleaner the night before the body was found.

Police say Craig Rideout was found July 20 in Yates County and acid had been poured over his face. But as to who actually killed Craig Rideout in his Penfield townhouse -- only Laura Rideout was placed at the scene.

Julie Cianca, the attorney for Alex Rideout, made a similar case with her argument - that if guilty of anything, the Rideout sons were only helping covering up a murder afterwards.

"Evidence in this case absolute cannot support a guilty verdict [for murder]," Cianca told jurors. "There's nobody who came in here and said 'I saw Alex Rideout at the place and time of the crime.'"

Both lawyers reminded jurors that Craig Rideout was hit in the head, knocked out and strangled with a garrote found at the townhouse.

"Craig could have been killed by one person," said Cianca, "choked to death, thyroid bone broken -- easy thing to do to a human."

There was no DNA match to any of the suspects on the murder weapon. So, there was a lot of deflection, pointing to other people -- even sisters who have blonde hair because a blonde hair was found on the garrote.

Closing arguments are expected to conclude on Tuesday. Defense attorneys for Laura Rideout and Paul Tucci will speak followed by prosecutors.


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