Exterminator and "American Ninja Warrior" contestant saves life at red light

January 10, 2017 11:08 PM

Pavel Fesyuk is an exterminator. He is use to helping people with their problems- but it usually isn’t a life or death situation.

On Tuesday, however, it was. And it all started when he stopped at a red light. 

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Fesyuk may look familiar to some. That’s because when he isn’t at home being a dad, he is on American Ninja Warrior. He’s been on the show for the last two seasons while working for Town and Country Pest Solutions.

After what he did Monday while driving from job to job in the city, though, his son thinks that his dad should trade in his ninja gear for a superhero cape:

Amanda Ciavarri, News10NBC: "Did he help someone?"

Dominic Fesyuk, Son: "Yeah, a man who was choking!"

An incredible video captured the whole thing (click the video at the top of the story to see it).

“I was pulling up, I noticed a man kind of hunched over on the truck of his car,” says Pavel.

“To me, it looked like he was coughing, based on his body movements.”

Fesyuk quickly realized that the man wasn’t coughing, but rather choking.

“What can I do? He started patting my back to show me, and that was working so he kept showing me where he wanted me to. I am just going to go start with the Heimlich.”

While the actions that Fesyuk was taking were not exactly the proper way to do the Heimlich, it should be noted that he is not an emergency worker, but rather a father. 

Amanda Ciavarri: "Have you ever taken a CPR class before?"

Pavel Fesyuk: "[I] just know from seeing it enough. I am around kids all the time, and see the posters on how to do it."

The dad will use what happened today as an example for his kids.

“I like to take them to help others, put their needs before their own and kind of be selfless. The old cliché… do unto others.” 

“Take the extra second. What is two seconds out of my day to help somebody and in that case it really helped him.” 

That man who Fesyuk helped is okay, and said he didn’t need any medical attention. He then left before anyone could get his name. 

But it was all caught on camera. In fact, it was on a dash camera. It was put on the work truck in case anything happened at one of their calls.

On Tuesday, however, it happened to catch Pavel Fesyuk’s amazing act of kindness. 


Anyone interested in learning how to conduct CPR can find a class on the Red Cross Website


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