Good Question: Are they killing off geese in Webster?

March 14, 2017 06:44 AM

A viewer asked if town leaders will be rounding up geese in North Ponds Park and sending them to slaughter. The question was raised after the town did a round up back in 2012.

At North Ponds Park in Webster, many days, the geese outnumber people and the birds don't always behave.

"They're dirty and they relieve themselves all over the place." said Tom Prinzi. He lives near the park and is one of many town residents who want the geese gone.

Recently, the town held a meeting to discuss the geese problem. "They wanted the parks and rec department to talk about what they can do." Said Webster Town Supervisor Ron Nesbitt.

That meeting lead to Facebook posts claiming the town was looking into a plan to "kill off" the geese. Town hall was bombarded with phone calls from people against the round up.

Taney: "The concern is you are going ahead with a plan to kill the geese."
Nesbitt: "That is absolutely not true. We have made no application to the federal government or the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation to do that."

Nesbitt would have to file those applications. Legally, any community can round up geese through a program with the New York State DEC.

Many residents who are opposed to round-ups claim the town had one back in 2012.

Taney: "Did that happen?"
Nesbitt: "Did that happen? Yes it did. It was an experimental program and was done under the watchful eye of the DEC. But again, there are no plans for that this year. I hope by you doing this story, it will put these rumors to rest. We will not be killing any geese."

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Pat Taney

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