Hillary Clinton looks to make history on election night

November 08, 2016 12:05 AM

If Hillary Clinton wins, she'll make history as the first woman President of the United States of America.

It would be a historic moment for women and for our area. Ahead of Election Day, News10NBC spoke with the first two women presidents of the Rochester City Council, Ruth Scott and Lois Giess, along with the Susan B. Anthony House CEO Deborah Hughes.

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Scott talked about the discrimination she has faced as a black woman. Listen to what happened when she was a teacher and tried to buy a house. "The banker looked at me and said, 'Is your father or your brother going to sign for you?' And I said, 'Well why would they have to sign?' And he said, 'Well, we don't lend money to women.'"

Scott ran city council in 1986. Lois Giess was elected president of the council in the mid-90s.

"At the time, I was city council president, and Ruth, as well, a woman's voice was not heard as much in the halls of power," said Giess. "Often both of us would go to meetings and we'd be the only women in the room."

A lot has changed in Rochester since then: We have a woman mayor, a woman county executive and woman district attorney.

"And so getting to this point of where a woman actually becomes President of the United States when many nations around the world have already done that says to me that at last in the United States, it doesn't matter," says Scott.

"Hillary as President would be sort of a culmination of all that effort for almost 100 years," Giess adds.

News10NBC spoke with Scott, Giess and Hughes on the third floor at the Susan B. Anthony House. It was built to accommodate all the women who gathered and worked here more than 100 years ago so that Hillary Clinton could run for president.

"So for me there is some deep sense about the moment when a woman becomes president that says you can do whatever you dream to do, whatever you're qualified to do," says Hughes.


Jennifer Lewke

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