Local expert responds to cyberattack

October 23, 2016 06:14 PM

After a staggering number of websites went down on Friday after a cyberattack, one local expert has advice on how to prevent future attacks.

The attack, which affected sites such as Twitter and Spotify, affected the northeast only. 

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Local computer professionals tell us that the reason this attack was serious was due to the fact that nowadays most people are connecting additional devices to the internet: lights, TVs and devices like Alexa, for example.

Many people fail to change the default factory passwords on these devices. This allows criminals who have wrote a program called Spider to find the internet devices, get the passwords, and take them over. Spider inserted itself into millions of devices and Friday, and sent requests to domain servers, causing the servers to overload and crash. Even though the websites were up, people in the Northeast could not get on them.

Local PC guru and tech expert Nick Francesco says that you can help protect the internet- and your own network- by changing your passwords.

"So what you want to make sure you do is protect that device," he says, "because that's a way into your network."

"So change the password immediately on any of those devices that you have. Make it a long and technologically complex one, but something that is easy for you to remember."

Francesco also urges anybody who buys a new device in the future to change the password as soon as you install it. 


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