Mayor on primary: I won last time, and plan on winning this time

May 18, 2017 11:38 PM

Mayor Lovely Warren officially accepted the Democratic endorsement Thursday night in her bid for re-election.

The mayor officially clinched the endorsement following a committee vote earlier this month. Thursday night, the party held its designation convention to make it official.

In her first re-election run, Mayor Warren is expected to face former Rochester police chief and current County Legislator James Sheppard and former television journalist Rachel Barnhart in the Democratic primary. Warren took office in 2013 after a surprise defeat of former Mayor Tom Richards in that year's primary.

This year, the shoe is on the other foot, as Warren enters with her party's backing against two well-known candidates looking to unseat her.

The mayor fully admits her administration got off to a slow start, with a number of controversies plaguing her first months in office, but Warren says now the city is moving full steam ahead.

"We have been doing everything we possibly can to move Rochester forward," the mayor told reporters after the convention. "We have moved the needle when it comes to safer, more vibrant neighborhoods, better educational opportunities for our children and jobs for our community. And we will continue to work on those three issues going forward and we have exciting things in the works."

Her opponents, however, aren't as optimistic about the mayor's view of the city.

"What we have here is a matter of things being said that aren't necessarily backed up by the data," said Sheppard. "If you look at jobs, we did not create 30,000 jobs in the City of Rochester -- the data shows we actually lost jobs... Crime has been going down for the last 30 years and continues to go down all across this country. I don't think anyone in particular can say, 'It was because of me.'"

Barnhart, on the other hand, says Warren and Sheppard both represent the "fractured" establishment.

"Lovely Warren represents one faction," she says, "Jim Sheppard represents another. I don't represent either faction. No one's donating to me because they want jobs for themselves or their friends. No one's donating to me because they want to do business with the city or are doing business with the city... We need to fix our house, but the only way to do it is to elect new people."

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Despite stiff competition, Mayor Warren remains confident about the race.

"I've been here before," the mayor said of the primary possibilities. "I won the last time, and I plan on winning this time."

She adds, "We have more work to do and we'll continue to do that work."

Sheppard counters, "I think, at the end of the day, I will prevail, based on our platform and the things we want to make happen in the City of Rochester."

"This was the ultimate party insiders game, and I am not a party insider," Barnhart said of Warren's endorsement. "The bottom line is voters deserve choice. This is a heavily Democratic city. That means, the only way voters can have choice is through the Democratic primary system. I am going to provide that choice."

Primaries will be held September 5.

Other Democratic convention endorsements


County Sheriff - Todd Baxter

Monroe County Legislator, District 10 - Howard Maffucci


Mayor - Hon. Lovely Warren

City Court – Hon. Chuck Crimi

City Council, At-Large - Hon. Loretta Scott

City Council, At-Large  - Hon. Dana Miller

City Council, At-Large - Hon. Jackie Ortiz

City Council, At-Large - Malik Evans

City Council, At-Large - Matt Juda

RSCD Board Member - Hon. VanWhite

RSCD Board Member - Beatriz LeBron

RSCD Board Member - Natalie Sheppard

Town Races

Brighton Supervisor - Bill Moehle

Brighton Clerk - Dan Aman

Chili Supervisor - Christopher McCullough

Henrietta Supervisor - Steve Schultz

Henrietta Council - Robert Barley

Henrietta Council - Michael Stafford

Irondequoit Supervisor - Hon. Dave Seeley

Irondequoit Justice - Hon. Joseph J Valentino

Irondequoit Justice - Hon. Joseph T Genier

Irondequoit Council - Hon. Peter Wehner

Irondequoit Council - Kimie Romeo

Mendon Council - Terry H Daniele

Mendon Council - Erin Kahley-Carr

Perinton Clerk - Nora Tuthill-Glueck

Perinton Council - Joshua Foladare

Perinton Council - Matthew J Brown

Pittsford Council - Stephanie Townsend

Pittsford Council - Kevin Beckford

Riga Council - Stanley Main

Sweden Council - Susan Smith

Sweden Council - Walter Borowiec

East Rochester Trustee - Mark McDermott

East Rochester Trustee - Kathy Hennelly


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