NYS Exposed Follow-Up: New law to combat corruption in Albany

August 25, 2016 06:35 AM

A new state law goes into effect Thursday. The governor's office says it will help restore the public's faith in state government. Over the past year the state's assembly speaker and senate majority leader were both convicted on corruption charges, leaving thousands of you reaching out to us, demanding reform.

Governor Cuomo called the new law a direct response to the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling of six years ago. That ruling allowed corporations to virtually spend an unlimited amount of money on politics. The governor says this legislation identifies certain coordination between groups and candidates that is illegal.

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For example, the donor can't be an immediate family member. It also makes it illegal for independent groups to pass out a candidate's campaign materials.

This law isn't without its critics. The New York Civil Liberties Union told the Associated Press that it is over broad. That refers to a part of the law that requires some charities to identify donors who give more than $2,500. The Civil Liberties Union said that could discourage people from contributing to controversial groups.

Earlier this summer more than 3,000 people took our poll on what they wanted to see happen with reform in Albany.  The top choices included pension forfeiture for elected officials convicted of crimes, restricting term limits, and strengthening the senate and assembly ethics committees.

Do you agree with Governor Cuomo’s new reform legislation?


Chris Horvatits

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