Local lawmakers react to President Trump news conference

February 16, 2017 07:21 PM

President Donald Trump berated reporters over what he calls "fake news" during a news conference on Thursday. He also chastised his former opponent, Hillary Clinton, and reminded voters watching that he won the election.

"Story after story after story is bad. I won. I WON!" he said.

Trump spent a lot of time blaming reporters for undermining his presidency and when one woman challenged him about his urban agenda, he shot back.

Trump: "Am I going to include who?"

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Reporter: "Are you going to include the Congressional black caucus?"

Trump: "Well I would -- do you want to set up the meeting? Do you want to set up the meeting?"

Reporter: "No, I am just a reporter."

President Trump went on to call out U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer who has been a major Democratic critic.

"He was probably told by someone, like Schumer, some other lightweight," said Trump. "He was probably told, 'Don't meet with Trump, it's bad politics.'"

There were lots of questions about Russia. "Does anybody really think that Hillary Clinton would be tougher on Russia than Donald Trump?"

On the intelligence leaks about his former national security advisor, Trump said, "The false, horrible, fake reporting by you people makes it much harder to make a deal with Russia."

News10NBC spoke with Democratic Congresswoman Louise Slaughter about this news conference.

Rebecca Leclair: "In Washington, how are people feeling about the news conference?"

Slaughter: "Dispirited on my side and dismayed... You know, sometimes I think it might be a great diversion, so we don't really know -- like watch the man behind the curtain thing because it literally did not make sense today." 

On the other side of the aisle, Rep. Chris Collins said of Trump, "We are just thrilled with what he's accomplished in less than four weeks -- even standing in the face of all the objections of Senator Schumer and the like... He's getting a lot done -- all of his promises."

Statement from Congressman Tom Reed

“Our office is a partner to the President on Capitol Hill. I am comfortable talking with the President candidly about important issues facing our country and pushing forward on the agenda to improve our national interests. I value our relationship with the President. I won’t disclose the details of our conversation, but I have confidence in his direction for the country and look forward to working together toward solving the issues currently facing our nation.”


Rebecca Leclair

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