Restaurants Exposed: Eight restaurants get two or more critical violations

May 26, 2017 07:25 PM

Every Friday, News10NBC takes you inside the restaurant inspection process, telling you which restaurants got critical violations and why. We've been calling those reports, Dirty Dining.

This week, Consumer Investigator Deanna Dewberry had an hour-long talk with a restaurant owner about that title. He believes our reports are fair, but the title is not. He pointed out that most of the time; restaurants are cited not because restaurants are dirty, but because they have food temperature violations. While those violations are also potentially serious, they have nothing to do with whether the restaurant is dirty. He suggested a better name for our reports is Restaurants Exposed.

We think he's right. So we’re changing the name of our restaurant inspection investigations.

Eight restaurants in this week's Restaurants Exposed report got two or more critical violations, and most of those violations were for food temperature.

Han Noodle Bar occupies a busy corner on Monroe Ave in Rochester. Reviewers from patrons to professionals say the restaurant delivers a slurping good bowl of savory succulence. But it got six critical violations when its coolers crashed. All were for not having enough refrigeration equipment.

The owner, Dieyu Wu told News 10 NBC he threw out all the food.  He said, "We voluntarily closed that day. I would rather lose the money than get people sick." He got the coolers repaired and inspectors gave him the all-clear the next day.

At Souperb Cafe and Catering, fixing a finicky cooler was key.  The owner, Michael Griffin said, "We have subsequently passed our follow up inspection with 100 percent compliance.  This is the first time we have ever had a critical violation and I can assure you, food safety is our #1 concern."

Arby's on West Henrietta Road was cited with a critical violation for not having enough refrigeration equipment. A manager told me their crashed cooler couldn't be fixed, so they got rid of it.

Inspectors also cited Salvatore's Pizza on east Main Street in Rochester for failed refrigeration. The difference here is that the owner says his cooler was working perfectly. The owner, John Coraggioso, said, "The cooler had just been filled [with food] and wasn't at temp yet." He believes the restaurant should not have been cited for that.

JB'S SmokeHouse was cited for sauce that wasn't hot enough. The owner, Bill Schnupp said, "The critical violations were corrected on the spot."

University of Rochester inspections expert Pete Castronovo says food temperature violations are frequent "because it's easy for that to happen unless they are being vigilant every step of the way."

Wendy's on West Henrietta Road in Henrietta was slapped with two violations for food that wasn't cold enough. Rick Consaul, the regional manager, said, "We take this very serious (sic) and everything was corrected right away."

But no one was talking at Jing Hui USA Restaurant. The owner didn't return our repeated calls. It got two critical violations -- food that wasn't cooled properly and cross contamination of raw and cooked food.

Castronovo says cross contamination poses a serious potential health risk.

“Raw foods are going to be cooked. And when it's cooked, you're going to kill the bacteria that are going to be on there. Ready to eat foods are not going to be [cooked]," said Castronovo.

Inspectors say the problem at Chili’s on Market Place Drive in Rochester was food that wasn't hot enough. Inspectors slapped it with two violations for that. A Chili’s manager told News10NBC the restaurant has no comment.

Before you go out to eat, consider our advice.  Here’s Deanna’s Do List.

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1. Check the restaurants inspection record.

2. If you see a problem, report it.


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