Health department comments on mice problems at Radisson

January 11, 2017 06:18 PM

Tuesday, we told you the health department shut down food operations at the Rochester Radisson due to a mice infestation.

The inspection at the Radisson came Monday after a concerned citizen called the Department of Health and asked them to look it.

"Mice reproduce every six weeks, so you have six to ten babies every six weeks," says Caleb Febry, president Town and Country Pest Solutions. "Then those mice, on average, can reproduce every six weeks -- so one impregnated mouse can do 100-150 mice on her own in one year. So we are talking about hundreds of mice."

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The kitchen and restaurant at the Radisson on East Main Street is closed. The Monroe County Health Department says they have a "significant mouse infestation." We found this isn't the first time mice have been spotted at the Radisson.

Amanda Ciavarri: "We looked at the inspection records before and found that rodents were present in 2015 and 2016 -- why that was not enough to shut it down then."

Dr. Mike Mendoza: Well this time it was in an amount that was not compatible with code. In order to get rid of the mice, we had to shut the kitchen down. In the past, it was in a smaller amount and not in the areas that were found on Monday."

But Monday's inspection came ten months after the 2016 inspection found mice. This time the problem was enough to shut it down. We asked Monroe County Commissioner of Public Health Dr. Mike Mendoza why it wasn't re-inspected sooner.

"As you may know we are responsible for over 3,000 restaurants, and we would love to be able to visit more often than we do," says Dr. Mendoza. "The reality is we can't get out to every place every time."

Amanda Ciavarri: "To be frank, do you need more inspectors?"

Dr. Mendoza: "That is hard to say. I think a lot of what we can do with our inspectors is education. They are there not to just enforce the rules, as well as an educative role and supportive role. I think we can do a lot with what we have."

As for what is next for the Radisson, they are bringing in an exterminator to get rid of the mice, and once they do that the county will come in, re-inspect and clear them to open.

We did reach out to management at Radisson for a comment and never heard back.


Amanda Ciavarri

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