Author Naomi Ragen appeals plagiarism conviction

Posted at: 07/05/2012 6:36 AM
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(AP) JERUSALEM - Author Naomi Ragen has appealed a ruling that found her guilty of plagiarizing content in her 1992 book Sotah.

Ragen is an American-born novelist famous for tackling controversial issues facing the ultra-Orthodox community. A dual U.S.-Israeli citizen, she has lived in Israel since 1971.

In December, a Jerusalem court ruling found her guilty of copying sections of a book by Sarah Shapiro.

Ragen says she only took "certain ideas and information" from Shapiro’s book to better inform her own fiction.

Ragen told The Associated Press Thursday the charges against her were "absolutely ridiculous." She said the ruling could set a dangerous precedent and "prevent creativity" in Israel.

Ragen’s case will now go to the Israeli Supreme Court for a final decision.

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