41 C. African Republic child soldiers released

Posted at: 05/29/2013 10:06 AM
By: | WHEC.com

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(AP) JOHANNESBURG - The United Nations children’s agency says that 41 children have been released from armed groups in Central African Republic.

UNICEF says that recent fighting has caused a sharp increase in the recruitment of child soldiers, who were used in some of the heaviest fighting as rebels battled to take over the capital in March.

The agency said Wednesday that the 41 children, released Monday and Tuesday, are now at a transition center to help reintegrate them into society. It said it is working with the government in Central African Republic and more children are expected to be released in the coming days and weeks.

Even before the latest rebellion, UNICEF said more than 2,000 children in Central African Republic were with the myriad of armed groups destabilizing the country’s north.

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