Two Monroe Co. projects risk losing local funding

Posted at: 05/21/2013 1:28 PM | Updated at: 05/21/2013 10:59 PM

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The safety of motorists and local jobs could be at risk if Monroe County democrats don’t vote to approve funding for two County projects. That’s according to a news release issued by County Executive Maggie Brooks.

News10NBC is told 120 workers have been instructed to begin work on the Jetview Drive Extension Project in Chili and the Twin Bridge Project in Wheatland. According to Brooks, the Twin Bridge has been rated structurally deficient by the state DOT and the Jetview Drive project would allow for direct access to 490, easing congestion.

Brooks said, “Our roads and bridges should be off-limits when it comes to leveraging power, but two vital projects hang in the balance because ten members of our County Legislature continue to put politics ahead of the people they serve. To avoid losing federal funds that will cover over 80-percent of the cost, I've instructed 120 local workers to break ground and move these projects forward. Each day that passes without real, tangible progress at these sites jeopardizes federal funding, over 100 local jobs, and the safety of our traveling public."

According to Brooks, the projects remain one vote short of receiving $200,000 in local funding that is necessary to complete the projects. Brooks says she will request that the President of the Monroe County Legislature introduces this matter each month until funding for both projects has been restored.  

Carrie Andrews, Democratic Minority Leader, responded, saying, "We've already authorized $6 million worth of funding for the projects, we maintained the whole time that this work could start, that there was no reason for the work not to start, and today we're pleased to see that the county executive finally has agreed with us."


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