Have you heard of the "knockout game"?

Posted at: 05/31/2013 4:03 PM | Updated at: 05/31/2013 7:28 PM
By: Ray Levato | WHEC.com

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Have you heard of the knockout game? It involves sucker punching an unsuspecting innocent person on the street as part of a game.

Recently, it happened in Syracuse and caused the death of a 51-year-old man. Police arrested two teenagers – one is just 13 years old, the other is 15. Police say they caused the death of that man by playing this dangerous game. The victim was punched, kicked and died the next day.

News10NBC spoke with the Syracuse Police Department on Friday and they say it’s the first case they know of there but they are now investigating at least four other similar cases recently to see if there is a connection.

Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner says, “The randomness is what takes your breath away.”

We asked Rochester Police Chief James Sheppard if there is any evidence of the knockout game in Rochester. He said, “It's not something we have witnessed here in Rochester relative to it being a sport. We have had a number of robberies in which the modus operandi has been to strike somebody and knock them out and take their belongings. We're not aware of it being videotaped. But from the outcome of this particular incident, someone being seriously injured and that person is now deceased, it is a problem that we don't want to face here in the city of Rochester.”

The victim in Syracuse was attacked while he walked out of a corner grocery store. Police say they were able to make the arrests with the help of witnesses. We spoke with the District Attorney in Syracuse today. He says the boys were not charged with murder because there was no intent to kill.

Rochester Police say it's almost impossible to avoid a sucker punch but aside from that, be aware of your surroundings and it's always better to not walk alone.

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