Gov. Cuomo signs bill to keep up with the evolution of synthetic drugs

Posted at: 09/13/2013 11:36 PM | Updated at: 09/14/2013 12:09 AM
By: Amanda Ciavarri |

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Governor Cuomo signed a bill into law, that experts say will close major loophole in fight against bath salts.

And governor Cuomo says that law is going to make it more difficult for these kinds of drugs to end up in the hands of your kids.

“They could substitute different chemicals for other synthetic chemicals. and basically we are at a place where they could re create substance that were no longer under the ban,” said Cathy Sareski, Director of out patient services at Catholic Family Restart.

The synthetic drugs we are talking about are mainly bath salts. They are similar to methamphetamine and can stimulate the heart and the nervous system , and that can lead to heart attacks, seizures or hallucinations.

Governor Cuomo has signed a law that will make it so the people making bath salts can't get around the law by just changing the ingredients
Cuomo says:

 "This law is the logical next step following the Executive Order I signed last year to crack down on these dangerous drugs. By closing a significant loophole and toughening penalties to curb the sale of these drugs, we can prevent more deaths and further tragedy in communities across New York."

Toxicologist, Dr. Tim Wiegand, from Strong Hospital says, controlling these types of drugs can be an up hill battle.

“Restriction is an interesting way of approaching it, because a lot of times more toxic drugs follow the drug that we get away, get off the streets and restrict. And less information, less safe more toxic stuff,” says Wiegand.

“We believe the bath salts are a very positive movement and a movement in the right direction, but we have to keep our eyes open for what the next phase is that very creative people might look to do,” says Sareski.

Experts say while this is a great step, the governor should implement this kind of restriction for all synthetic drugs like synthetic marijuana.

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