Should the "I Love NY" logo be required on certain state websites?

Posted at: 09/20/2013 12:56 PM | Updated at: 09/20/2013 7:14 PM
By: Berkeley Brean |

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Earlier this year, the men and women you voted to do your work in Albany voted to make some state agencies post the “I Love NY” logo on their websites. 
This bill is on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s desk right now. One of the governor's spokesmen told the website Capitol Confidential that it’s under review.
Here's the deal: the Senate and Assembly passed a bill that requires certain state agencies and departments to put the “I Love NY” logo on their websites. They didn't just ask the agencies to do it, they passed a bill ordering them to do it. Those that voted yes to the bill include local Senators Robach, Nozzolio and O’Brien.
The agencies, like agriculture, parks and rec and the Canal Corporation, all have some link to tourism. But does this really rise to the level of all the work that goes into making a law?
Berkeley Brean: “Do you remember voting yes for this? Do you remember this bill coming up?”
Senator Ted O'Brien: “I do remember this bill coming up and I think I supported it.”
O'Brien says he doesn't think the idea was unreasonable and doesn't cost taxpayers money. But every bill goes through committee and debate. 
The bill says it "amounts to free tourism advertising" and comes at "little or no cost" to the taxpayer. 
Don Jeffries is the head of Visit Rochester. He says tourism is the fifth largest industry in New York, employs 20,000 full time people in Monroe County and brought in a record $1-billion to the community last year. “My view of the world is I don't know how it got there. I don't care how it got there. The more they can get that ‘I Love NY’ message out, the more websites, the more it's on, the better it is.”
The bill doesn't require the logo on every state website -- just ones that have a link to tourism.
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