Mt. Olivet Baptist Church Mega Choir to perform at Rochester Fringe Festival

Posted at: 09/12/2012 9:39 AM | Updated at: 09/17/2012 8:07 PM
By: Janet Lomax |

nullRochester's never seen anything like it but the First Niagara Rochester Fringe Festival will have something for everyone. From vaudeville acts to something called Renaissance remix and gospel.

One of the headliners is the Harlem Gospel Choir -- a group that travels all over the world is making a stop in town but some of Rochester's own gospel choirs are performing too.
The Mt. Olivet Baptist Church Mega Choir is one of four local elite gospel groups that will perform free as part of the First Niagara Rochester Fringe Fest.

Wait a minute -- gospel music at a Fringe Fest? Festival producer Erica Fee says you bet. “What they say about fringe festivals is that anything really goes. You can have very conservative performances including Shakespeare revivals to the avant-garde so I think that gospel definitely has a home.”

Mount Olivet's Youth Pastor Winterbourne Jones agrees. He is part of the fringe fest staff. He's coordinating gospel Sunday -- an array of gospel styles -- that he says will definitely uplift your spirits. “So you’ll get everything from anthems from the mass choirs to the contemporary music of Jason Wright to you have the beautiful praise music of Jason Monroe and of course the Bishop Wells Band that southern foot stomping quartet music.”

But while Gospel Sunday on September 23 will be free, you'll need a ticket for the Friday night show with the Harlem Gospel Choir and Rochester’s own Campbell Brothers. “But there are so many other things that the public can enjoy Bandeloop and Gospel Sunday and things all over the city so we really wanted to offer this to Rochester almost as a gift.”

The First Niagara Fringe Festival runs September 19 through September 23. Click here for ticket, venue and performance information.

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