Video of high school bathroom fight posted on social media

Posted at: 04/23/2013 5:10 PM | Updated at: 04/23/2013 5:31 PM
By: Berkeley Brean |

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News10NBC has learned that an attack happened inside a Rochester high school bathroom and then the video was post on Facebook.

The student, who started the attack, was arrested and charged with assault. The boy arrested is a minor, so News10NBC is not releasing his name. School district officials say the video of the attack was posted on the Facebook page of the 16-year-old who was arrested. That's where News10NBC found it. The Rochester City School District confirms that the fight happened at Robert Brown High School inside Edison Tech one week ago.

The student who got beat up and his mother talked on camera to News10NBC's Berkeley Brean.

Police say the student arrested is in the light grey sweatshirt in the video. District officials say the attack happened inside a bathroom at Robert Brown High School, the old Edison Tech building. The fight goes on for a little more than a minute. The student getting attacked is Anthony Rucker. His mother says the video is too tough to watch.

Debra Rucker said, “I haven't even looked at it, because even when I talk about it, I get emotional, so I try not to think about it.”

Anthony says he used to play basketball with the student who is punching him. News10NBC asked Anthony why he thought he got attacked.

Anthony Rucker said, “To try to be cool. To try to get Facebook likes.”

The video was posted on Facebook by the young man who was charged.  Police say the attacked happened on Tuesday. Anthony's mother says she complained to the school and police when she learned about it the next day. Then on Sunday night, she says her house was shot-up in a drive-by shooting. Some of the bullets tore through her curtains, flew through the TV room and into the wall. Rochester Police say they're investigating the shooting, but they don't know if it's connected to the fight. Anthony's mother thinks they are.

Debra Rucker said, “It's the same issue. It all goes together. They are not two separate issues. It all goes together.”

City Councilman Adam McFadden says that there's such a coincidence that police have to investigate to see if there's a connection. He coined it urban terrorism.

Rochester Police say they are still investigating. In a statement, Rochester Police Department says they have not reached the conclusion yet that the two incidents are related, but they are asking for anyone with information about the shooting to call 911.

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