Rochester gets ready for Spider-Man

Posted at: 04/29/2013 8:05 PM | Updated at: 04/29/2013 10:45 PM
By: Berkeley Brean |

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The big Spider-Man movie shoot starts on Main Street downtown Tuesday.

Main Street, on the west side of the river, will be shut down. There will be several streets with limited access, including State Street at the four corners and Fitzhugh Street at the Monroe County Office building.

The crash scene will include yellow cabs, New York Police Department cop cars and a Brink's truck. The crash is going to be on the west end of Main Street.

Peter Sietz works from his usual spot on Main Street.

Peter Sietz said, “If a lot of people come down to watch Spider-Man, I might make a lot of money.”

Peter says he and every hot dog cart owner was offered a deal by the movie company. A thousand dollars to rent their cart for ten days.

Sietz said, “Because it's supposed to be like New York City and there's all kinds of carts there.”

Peter says he can probably make twice that much with the movie spectators so he turned it down.

Sietz said, “I figured there'd be a lot of people coming downtown to see the movie, I'd do better trying to sell food to the people than taking $100 a day.”

Arnold Casselbury, Hot Rosita's Restaurant, said, “Be filming right downtown right in front of our place. I know they're doing a big car crash.”

Arnold Casselbury runs a Mexican restaurant on West Main Street. The front door is off limits because of the filming, but he's posted signs to let his customers know they can use the back door.

He's also contracted to cater for the movie crew five different times.

Casselbury said, “I haven't heard of any stars coming. I know a lot of stunt people and the drivers will be down here.”

Sietz has to move his cart and test the number one rule in business.

Sietz said, “In this business, it's all about location. If you're in the right location, you make money. If you get the wrong location, you don't get the money.”

All of the local signage is off the County Office Building. The Gordon Howe name was scraped off Sunday night. The Monroe County and Rochester flags are gone and so are the street signs. Tuesday, West Main Street in Rochester is suppose to be New York City.

Local extras

News10NBC's Berkeley Brean talked to one local man who was lucky enough to be cast in the Hollywood hit.



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