Do you have your hat for the Kentucky Derby?

Posted at: 05/03/2013 8:50 AM

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Did you see Nikki Rudd, Rebecca Leclair and Rich Caniglia in their Kentucky Derby hats?

One local shop, Headz Up on Mount Hope Avenue, is making sure people around Rochester have the perfect hat for the Kentucky Derby on Saturday.

The shop's owner says she has already sold more than a dozen hats for the derby. She says this is a big weekend for sales. Tonia McNair said, “You want to wear your best hat your best had has feathers, jewels, the more embellished, the better. So we want to make sure Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth -- we're in their same vein.”

There are a few local Kentucky Derby parties and they benefit good causes including the Daystar Program which helps children with disabilities the MDA.

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