RG&E spending millions to prevent power outages

Posted at: 05/30/2013 2:30 PM | Updated at: 05/30/2013 4:21 PM
By: Nikki Rudd | WHEC.com

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Most of us have experienced the power going out during a thunderstorm. This year, RG&E is spending millions to help prevent outages by trimming trees.  

RG&E says tree contact is the number one reason for power outages so be prepared to see a lot of tree trimming going on around town.

RG&E contractors will be clearing trees and brush around 1,100 miles of electrical lines this year.

A crew from Lewis Tree Service was tackling trees along Shoecraft road on Thursday and over the next few months, areas in Rochester, Irondequoit, Greece, Brighton, Henrietta, Mendon and Penfield will all be targeted.

“We have the responsibility to maintain these lines on a regular basis and we want to deliver safe, reliable electric to our customers.” Kevin Fagan is an arborist for RG&E. He says about seven million dollars is being invested on vegetation management to the distribution system this year.

RG&E says the more vegetation that's cleared, the fewer power outages occur. Crews will now be doing this trimming on a five-year maintenance schedule. Fagan says residents should remember where their power lines are located. “Do some research before planting trees  and avoid planting trees directly under the lines. Do some research, look for the right species for the right place.”

Safety is also a priority. Wayland Rider, Lewis Tree Service foreman said, “Each one of these guys that's on the ground is in charge of making sure that no one enters that drop zone.”

So when you see these crews on the side of the road, slow down and save a life.

RG&E will mail notices if they'll be coming to your yard.

If you have trees near a power line on your property that you are worried about, call RG&E at 1-800-743-2110.

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