Schumer calls on JP Morgan to help employees at Albion call center find new jobs

Posted at: 06/10/2013 10:37 PM

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A U.S. Senator is calling on JP Morgan Chase to help employees at its Albion call center find new jobs.

Last week, Chase decided to close that facility where employees helped people facing foreclosure. Chase says fewer families are dealing with that prospect so the need for that facility's services is declining.

More than 400 people are effected by this move. On Monday, Senator Chuck Schumer says he called Chase CEO Jamie Dimon and asked him to help workers find jobs in two ways. One is giving Albion employees first preference for available positions at Chase in Rochester. The other is coordinating with other local employers to find jobs. Senator Schumer says a local mortgage processing facility called CRFS has more than 175 openings which he hopes these employees can fill.

Sen. Chuck Schumer said, “If this happens, maybe we can take these bitter lemons that we all tasted last Thursday when we heard of the closing, and make it into lemonade because not only is there the 150 jobs at JP Morgan and close to 200 at this local mortgage processing facility CRFS, but a few other mortgage processing facilities in the nearby area might have openings as well.

In a statement, Chase says it shares this concern for its employees. Chase went onto say, “We're holding hiring events this Thursday and next week to match their skills with open positions at Chase locally and around the country. We're also working with area employers who would benefit from adding our Albion workers."


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