Rally against abortion held in Albany

Posted at: 06/12/2013 1:23 PM

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Thousands will be outside in Albany on Wednesday holding a rally against abortion and some local people will be part of it.

News10NBC was there this morning when they boarded buses at St. John Fisher College. A total of 53 people from our area are headed to Albany for a rally against the abortion provision in the Women's Equality Act. They are bringing with them 5,500 petitions.

The Women's Equality Act also includes enforcing equal pay for women and curbing domestic violence.

Jann Armantrout of the Diocese of Rochester said, “There are nine points that really seem at a cursory glance seem to be very beneficial to women. What we are really concerned about is the tenth point which expands abortion in New York State.”

If passed, the bill would allow a woman to have a late-term abortion if a doctor says her health is in jeopardy. Right now, a woman's life has to be in jeopardy to have a late term abortion.

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