"Do the Right Thing" winner: Peyton Starling

Posted at: 06/17/2013 3:11 PM | Updated at: 06/17/2013 8:01 PM

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His work and dedication to volunteering is impressive and that's why he is a “Do the Right Thing” winner.

Peyton Starling is the coach for floor hockey and basketball for teams which include people with developmental disabilities. He's also visited Guatemala where he worked at camps helping others also struggling with disabilities.

Peyton says he learns a great deal by reaching out to others.

Starling said, “It's good for my heart. I feel as though it was a very fun experience. It also helps me to learn. So that's the main thing I got out of it. How to help others.”

Peyton is a junior at Brighton High School. He is also team captain of the varsity football team and he volunteers at his church.

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