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Posted at: 06/19/2013 5:29 PM | Updated at: 06/19/2013 6:04 PM

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Ten years ago, most high school athletes went to practice and then went back home. But for a growing number of kids, that's just not enough anymore.

There's a new sports training facility headed up by a familiar local name.

Getting stronger, faster and in better shape, sports performance training is now at the next level. A local NHL veteran is adding his expertise to help the next generation of athletes.

Michael Rotolo will play for the RIT Tigers next year. He never thought he'd have the opportunity to train with a pro.

Rotolo said, “He gave so many years of being a pro, and now he's giving it back it's a great experience.”

Seeing Irondequoit's Rory Fitzpatick on local ice isn't that unique, but after playing hockey for 15 years at the next level, Fitzpatrick is now helping athletes of all ages try to pursue their dreams.

Rory Fitzpatrick, Next Level Strength and Conditioning, said, “The youth hockey and sports market has grown so fast people are trying to take advantage of it. We have a well trained staff that offers the best for what's going on in  youth sports.”

Fitzpatrick is now co-owner of Next Level Strength and Conditioning. The new facility just opened and is attached to Thomas Creek Ice Arena in Fairport. The focus on the ice development and state-of-the- art training of athletes from eight-years old and up.

Nate Vankouwenberg, co-owner, said, “Whether it's making varsity or cracking the lineup or making a college team, you have to start much younger and people know how important it is.”

Hannah Savage is a senior at Victor with a verbal commitment to play lacrosse at Loyola, just making a college team isn't enough..

Savage said, “The girls I'm going up against are twice my size. I need the speed and to excel and I am getting that better here than anywhere else.”

Taking it up a level and making the next generation better.
Fitzpatrick said, “I would have loved the opportunity when I was growing up. I can give back and stay involved in the game that's good to me.”

The sports performance industry has taken off in the past decade due to and emphasis on girls sports, scholarships and injury prevention. To learn more about Next Level, click here.

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