Excelsior Brigade Fife and Drum Band gets ready for 4th of July

Posted at: 07/03/2013 6:31 PM | Updated at: 07/03/2013 6:32 PM

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Are you ready for the 4th of July? The Excelsior Brigade Fife and Drum Band is the only fife and drum corps in Monroe County.

The original group was a New York State Volunteer Infantry Regiment in the Civil War. Members saw action in many battles and were known for their performance and patriotism.

Ken Barlow, Excelsior Brigade Fife and Drum Band, said, "The original musicians lived this, they went under fire. They fought to defend the union, to uphold the union. They fought to end slavery. And the tradition they brought back after the war, survived until this time."

The band is open to all ages and practices on Wednesday nights in East Rochester. The members will perform Thursday during a parade in Warren, PA. 

For more information on Excelsior Brigade Fife and Drum Band, click here.

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