DEC warning people about blue green algae in Honeoye Lake

Posted at: 07/30/2013 9:01 PM | Updated at: 07/30/2013 11:25 PM

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The DEC is urging people to stay out of a local lake after tests on algae reveal high levels of toxins. Those tests were done on blue green algae from Honeoye Lake. Not all blue green algae blooms are harmful, but the DEC say there is potential for toxins to form.

Officials say blue green algae may look like spilled green paint, but when toxins form, the DEC says they can cause health issues for people and pets who come in contact with them. Symptoms include vomiting, skin or eye irritation and even difficulty breathing.

News10NBC wanted to know if people who enjoy Honeoye Lake had heard about the results of these recent DEC tests. News10NBC found most people who were in and around Honeoye Lake had not heard of the closure. After we told them about it, some people said it's not going to stop them from enjoying the lake, while others say they will stay away.

Betsy Helfer said, “It's very sad. There are a lot of children that like to swim at Sandy Bottom and parents and it is fun for them and now they can no longer do that.”

News10NBC caught up with Betsy Helfer and her husband at a boat launch on the lake. They come to look at the scenery, but that's it.

Helfer said, “I wouldn't let my dog in here.”

Five-year-old Sky and her father were out enjoying the lake Tuesday. They live on the lake and heard about the toxic algae.

Darryl Scott said, “It's not as bad as you think. It's just a precaution. I live right over there. When we come over here, she knows not to get the water in her mouth that is pretty much it.”

Jeanne Struble, who was with her niece and nephew, but had not heard about the toxic algae, but once we told her about it, she made her niece and nephew get out.

Dedicated fishermen were still out on the water, but some say they are just doing things differently.

Brad Ammbrman said, “I still go out, but I wouldn't eat any of the fish out there.”

News10NBC reached out to the DEC about the closure and they sent us a statement saying, “Honeoye Lake has been confirmed with high toxins. We are currently awaiting results from additional samples collected yesterday. People and pets are advised to stay out of areas with discolored water or surface scums indicative of a blue green algae bloom."

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