Consumer Reports ranks local hospitals

Posted at: 07/31/2013 5:34 PM

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Consumer Reports has ranked hospitals across the country for how well patients recover after surgery. 

The report looked at Medicare patients and the percentage of those who stayed in the hospital longer than expected or who passed away after their procedure. There were five levels, ranging from "better" to "worse".

According to the report, Highland Hospital had the received the second highest rating. Rochester General and Strong Memorial Hospitals received the middle rating. Unity Hospital received the second lowest rating. 

Strong and Highland Hospitals statement

"Strong Memorial Hospital and Highland Hospital are very proud of their surgical quality results. While the Consumer Reports ratings are based on a relatively narrow measure, billing claims and clinical records data, our hospitals use a much more comprehensive array of quality outcomes data and best practices to continuously track and improve our surgical outcomes.  Highland, Strong Memorial and other hospitals in Rochester and around the nation voluntarily share their surgical quality results with a national surgical quality database, NSQIP. The results are used to help hospitals continually analyze and improve care that patients receive. Consumers who want to know more about surgery at Strong and Highland can visit the hospitals' websites, and

Unity and Rochester General Hospitals were not available for comment.

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