Former disabled services employee accused of Medicaid fraud pleads guilty

Posted at: 08/14/2013 3:27 PM

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A Rochester man, accused of Medicaid fraud, pleaded guilty to petit larceny in Webster Town Court Wednesday.

Akin Ross admitted in court that while employed as a Medicaid service coordinator at Continuing Developmental Services (CDS) Monarch, he was responsible for nearly $24,000 in fraudulent billings to Medicaid.

Ross was arrested and charged with defrauding Medicaid because in order to perform the services that were billed to Medicaid, he needed to have a college degree. When he applied for the job, he said he had attended SUNY Brockport and received a degree. The Attorney General's Office says Ross applied for the position with a phony diploma.

Ross will serve three years of probation and pay more than $14,000 in restitution to CDS.

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