Can your town tell you what to do with your stuff on your property?

Updated: 12/10/2013 5:15 PM
Created: 12/10/2013 2:39 PM WHEC.com
By: Berkeley Brean

How far can a town go to tell a homeowner what they can do with their stuff on their property? That's the heart of the issue tonight in Pittsford, but we know this same issue has come up where you live too.

A lot of people have a neighbor like this. They have a big RV or trailer or boat and they park it in their driveway. And for some people in the neighborhood -- that's an eye sore. So can a town tell those people who paid for the things and pay their taxes that they can't park them there?

Can the town tell someone like Voirrey Moulton that she has to build a fence or a hedge row around her RV? Moulton lives in Pittsford and there is a proposal to limit what people can park in their driveways. If a trailer, RV or boat is beyond a certain size, (more than nine feet high and 20 feet long) they'd have to move it to the side of the house and screen it from the road. 

Moulton showed me the fence they have to prepare to do that. This issue has been going on for a while in Pittsford and the public hearings on the proposal get contentious. There's another one tonight that Moulton will be at. 

"Honestly people need to learn to get along," Moulton said breaking out in a laugh. "I mean, can't you talk to your neighbors and work things out? And if people are trying to make things look okay, I don't see what the problem is."

Well, the problem is captured in photos. We got a series of photos from the homeowner in a different neighborhood in Pittsford who kick started a petition for the town to enact some kind of code against large vehicles parked in driveways. When you look at them you ask, would you like to live next to this? Homeowner Mike Hill said it affects his property value. 

News10NBC drove by the photographed house today. The owner wasn't home but the big RV is gone and the smaller trailer pictured in the driveway is parked along the side of the house. 

The public hearing is tonight at Thornell elementary school. It's a public hearing in advance of a town vote on the proposal. 

News10NBC checked with several towns in Monroe County. Most have regulations regarding RV and boats in driveways. Some are less stringent. Some are more. The Pittsford plan mirrors the Perinton code. 


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