Local impact of President Obama's State of the Union Address

Updated: 01/29/2014 12:57 AM
Created: 01/28/2014 11:24 PM WHEC.com
By: Berkeley Brean

President Obama laid out his vision for the country before Congress and the nation Tuesday night.

Education and job training are just two of the topics he talked about in his fifth State of the Union Address.

The first part of the President's State of the Union was dedicated on financial security for families, the bread and butter issues.

He said the cold hard facts are that wages have stalled and too many Americans are working just to get by.

He told Congress job one is to reverse these trends and if they don't want to help, he'll do it himself.

“But America does not stand still and neither will I. So where ever and whenever I can take steps to expand opportunity for more American families, that's what I'm going to do,” said President Obama.

News10NBC listened to the President's address and took a closer look at proposals that may impact you.

Our mission here at News10NBC is to focus on things that matter to you and affect you. That's why we do New York State Exposed. So that's how we watched the President Tuesday night.

First on that list is jobs, money and taxes.

“Democrats and Republicans have argued our tax code is riddled with wasteful, complicated loopholes that punish businesses that invest here and reward companies that keep profits abroad.  Let's flip that equation. Let's work together to close those loopholes, end those incentives to ship jobs overseas and lower taxes for businesses that create jobs right here at home,” said President Obama.

What about the jobs that don't pay much? The President says he wants to raise the minimum wage for federal employees to $10.10 an hour.

“In the coming weeks I will issue an executive order requiring federal contractors their federally funded employees a fair wage of at least $10.10 an hour, because if you cook our troops meals, or wash their dishes you should not have to live in poverty,” said President Obama.

Now, one of the things News10NBC was trying to figure out is why, of all places in the country, is Vice President Biden coming to Monroe Community College Wednesday.

The president answered that for us Tuesday night.

 “So tonight I've asked Vice President Biden to lead an across the board reform of American's training programs to make sure they have one mission: train Americans with the skills employers need and match them to good jobs that need to be filled right now,” said President Obama

MCC is one of the leaders in job training in the country. The Vice President and his wife, Doctor Jill Biden, are expected to speak at MCC’s Applied Technologies Center Wednesday.

Republicans say like the President, they want you and all Americans to have a better life. But they part ways when it comes to making that happen.
Here's a portion of the party's response to the State of the Union, given by Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington State:

“So tonight I'd like to share a more hopeful, Republican vision, one that empowers you, not the government. It's one that champions free markets and trusts people to make their own decisions, not a government that decides for you. It helps working families rise above the limits of poverty and protects our most vulnerable. And it's one where Washington plays by the same rules that you do. It's a vision that is fair and offers the promise of a better future for every American,” said Rodgers.

Tuesday night Congresswoman Louise Slaughter released the following statement in response to the State of the Union address:

“I thought the President was very direct with everyone tonight, he was his usual gracious self. I think he made it absolutely clear that he was going to get something done, that this term would be one of action. So all in all, I think it was an uplifting message. I look forward to working on the issues that will move this country forward, and hope that in the House of Representatives we can get away from one-house bills. It wastes time. We’ve done far too much of that. I’m ready to get to work.”

Here is a portion of Congressman Chris Collins’ statement following President Obama’s State of the Union address:

"For weeks now, President Obama has been talking about using a pen and a phone to get things done. But the American people don’t need a pen and a phone, they need jobs and a paycheck.  We need to focus on strengthening our economy. There are 91.8-million Americans out of work, and at the end of the day jobs are created by economic growth, not mandates from Washington.
Unfortunately, President Obama did not talk about plans for economic growth, like fundamental tax reform, energy independence, or significant changes to ObamaCare.  We could immediately bolster our nation’s economy by changing ObamaCare's definition of a full-time work week from 30 hours back to the traditional 40. And we could repeal the medical device tax, which is hurting American manufactures. But we didn’t hear any of these solutions from the President. Instead, we heard more “big government knows best” solutions that are paid for by borrowing more money from China. The American people want the checks and balances that come with divided government.  But they also want Washington to roll up its sleeves and actually get something done."


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