Weather Myths: Does Rochester weather deserve its bad reputation?

January 20, 2017 01:57 AM

When it comes to weather, Rochester often gets a bad rap, but is it justified? In Wednesday’s “Weather Myths” report we look into Rochester’s weather. 

Even though at times it may seem like Rochester weather couldn't get much worse, in reality, it really could. When we compare our weather to other cities around the country, you'll find that we don't have it that bad.

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Pesky rain showers, cloudy days and of course lake effect snow: residents know it’s all par for the course here in Rochester.

Rob Linton, Greece Resident: "It's part of the package of living in Rochester. We are going to get a couple of bursts like this every year and it's just kind of the nature of the beast."

Our winters take the most “heat,” if you will, from locals and out of towner's alike. But did you know that although we experience our fair share of snow and cold temps, during the winter months, our hometown is on averages nine degrees warmer than our sister city of Rochester, Minnesota?

Our average winter temp is 26 degrees, while Rochester, Minnesota averages just 17 degrees!

This data comes from the National Climatic Data Center.

Now let's talk about the sun or lack thereof- many think Rochester gets an abnormally high number of cloudy days. But in reality- we don't!

We barely rival Seattle, Washington with their average number of cloudy days per year coming in at 228 here at home, we see about 196.

In fact when it comes to clear summer days, believe it or not, we see more than a city in the "Sunshine State." Every summer we can count on about 23 clear days while Miami, Florida, only has about seven!

Turning now to rain - Rochester averages about 32 inches a year- certainly not the highest in the state with the "Big Apple" coming in at about 42 inches annually, and Miami? Double it. They get 60 inches of rain every year!

And as far as snow totals, we certainly get our fair share, but still average a foot less than our thruway neighbors Syracuse.

So hey… it could be worse.


Kevin Williams

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