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Good Question: What happened to the fast ferry terminal in Toronto?

Good Question: What happened to the fast ferry terminal in Toronto?

Good Question: Is Station 5 ever used?

Good Question: Is Station 5 ever used?

Good Question: What will change during the next travel ban?

Good Question: What happened to the Brighton Tim Hortons?

Good Question: Can you take back illegal drugs?

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Good Question: Free syringes for drug users, but not for diabetics?

You may have heard in some cities, including Rochester, clinics give out free syringes to drug users. Why isn't there a similar program for non-drug users who need syringes to stay alive?

Good Question: Why are Amber Alerts so brief?

A few of you noticed something interesting with the Amber Alerts that you received on your cell phones recently...

Good Question Update: We now know when Quaker Road in Macedon will reopen

You asked Pat Taney for an update to one of his previous Good Question reports...

Good Question: Are you an intersection budger? Is it legal?

We've all been there before. You get to an intersection, the light is green but there's a traffic jam ahead...

Good Question: Who turns on the lights in downtown Rochester?

Have you seen downtown Rochester at night lately?


Good Question: Has Rochester given up on $7 million?

Has the City of Rochester given up on efforts to get back money in past due fines? This is about those old red light cameras. As of right now, $7 million in unpaid fines is uncollected. Pat was asked if the city has stopped trying to collect it.

Good Question: Is that weed in that e-cigarette?

Marijuana could become legal in New York state soon...

Good Question: How do districts respond to school threats?

As soon as a threat is made on social media or elsewhere, what protocol do school districts follow?...

Good Question: What happens when stores swipe your license?

Many stores scan your license when you make returns or buy items that require an age check, like alcohol and tobacco...

Good Question: Can political campaigns legally text you?

Many of you are getting text messages from candidates running for office. Is this legal, and how are they getting your number?

Good Question: Can you share an E-ZPass?

Good Question: Can you share an E-ZPass?

Good Question: Is the DMV being careless with your tax dollars?

Good Question: When will Quaker Road reopen?

Good Question: Are graduation certificates worthless?

Good Question: What happened to the movie shot in the Rochester area?

Good Question: What happened to 7-Elevens in Rochester?

Good Question: Is one town breaking its own rule?

Good Question: Hit a deer, then what?

Good Question: Are you being overcharged illegally?

Good Question: How current are deaf and blind child street signs?