2021 Top 10: Good Questions

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) – You’ve asked plenty of good, if not great, questions throughout 2021.

But like you, we’re always curious as to which ones take on a life of their own. So we checked the stats and put together a top 10 list of those that "broke the internet".

(Please keep in mind, some answers may have changed from the time they were orginally asked).

10. It’s controversial and complex, but why are gas prices going up?

9. Why can’t I go mall walking like I used to?

8. Can a landlord raise my rent during the pandemic?

7. It’s foreshadowing another question to come, but where are my Grandma Brown Baked Beans?

6. A business that’s the focus of no shortage of Good Question emails, why is Wegmans changing around some local stores?

5. What are those cameras tracking by the mall?

4. We get plenty of questions about the NYS Thruway including can my E-Z pass transponder be used for multiple cars?

3. This one seems like forever ago, but what documents do I need to get my vaccine?

2. Another question from early-on in the vaccination effort, how do I cancel multiple appointments?

1. And for the second year in a row, no drumroll needed, where can I get Grandma Brown’s Baked Beans?

As always, if you have a Good Question, email us at ?subject=Good%20Question">goodquestion@whec.com.

Happy New Year!